Do our prayers change gods mind

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do our prayers change gods mind

The Vampires Assistant (Cirque du Freak #2) by Darren Shan

I didnt know what to read next, even though Blood Song was already on my currently reading list, so I decided to rearrange a part of my bookshelf. I noticed book 3 lying around with a couple of other random books. I then had a slight feeling of wanting to continue on with the series. I heard nothing but great things, but book 1 managed to disappoint me. Setting the bad past experience of book 1 aside, I decided to read the book 2 and decide after if I would finish the series or not. Despite the 3 star rating I gave this, I have to admit that I cant wait to finish all of the books in the series.

This can be considered one of those YA-horror books that you shouldve read when you were actually a young-adult. Im turning 20 this year, so I didnt find anything creepy about this novel. What I liked though would be the coming-of-age feeling it had. I like reading about an adventure of a kid growing up, so this series might be the thing to read, and hopefully resurrect the YA genre for me. Ive given up on the genre way too long ago, but I still try to read a few of them once in a while and see if something floats my boat. This is one of those boat floaters, and Im glad I continued on.

This second novel was way superior to the first one. All introductions aside, it was a great novel of adventure. The writing was okay for me, it didnt have any major issue so I dont have much to complain about. The plot was also consistent, and the latter parts had a good amount of action. I liked reading about how the main character had to make important life decisions. Hopefully he grows older in the next novels, because I would like to see the possible development of the main character.

While reading this, I remembered an episode from Fairly Odd Parents wherein Timmy Turner joined the circus for a day, but ended up missing his family so he decided to go home. This series seems like that at first, but the main character didnt go back, he became a full member of the circus. I would love to read more about his adventures with Cirque Du Freak, and thankfully there are 10 more books in the series.

3/5 stars. Nothing spectacular, but its one of the few YA series that managed to catch my attention. Im sure the author has more tricks up his sleeves in the next novels.

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TruthsLive: Do Our Prayers Change God's Mind?

Does Prayer Change God’s Mind?

Jump to navigation. This is a difficult question to answer. How do we reconcile the idea that our prayers influence God as James implies, yet God knows all things as 1 John says? James , "Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.

Someone once asked me that question, only in a slightly different manner: “Does prayer change God's mind?” My answer brought storms of.
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One of those perennial questions that all Calvinists face from time to time and that you hear quite frequently is: If God is sovereign, then why pray? If that is the case, would not prayer be a superfluous activity, at best an exercise in meditation or some form if inspiring soliloquy? I am sure we have all had to wrestle with this question at times. Moreover, I think that it is not unlike a similar question that Calvinists also hear frequently. That is, if God is sovereign and predestination is true, why should we be involved in evangelism? In seminary I had the privilege of being in one of Dr. After he had given his lecture he began his Socratic method of discourse and started to ask up questions.

He wants us to employ divine power to create a different destiny than the one everyone is heading to. What is going on here? Was God just having an off day? Had he forgotten to do his quiet time that morning? What should we do with this? Engineers and accountants and other type-A people like myself will struggle with this, but God is too big to contain in neat, tidy formulas.

Church teaching looks at prayer through three lenses:. Such is the case with miracles. In these situations, is God changing his mind? After all, who can know the mind of God? When we truly pray, we meet God with open hearts.

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  1. I do believe He hears every prayer; He aligns our will with His through time spent with Him in prayer, and that—all other consequences being.

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