Everything you want to know about chinese cooking

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everything you want to know about chinese cooking

Simple Chinese Cooking by Kylie Kwong

Cooking Chinese food at home has truly never been easier--all you need is this book, a wok, and a quick trip to the supermarket Simple Chinese Cooking offers Kylie Kwongs philosophy of marrying the freshest ingredients and the simplest techniques to create amazing flavor. Kylie grew up devouring the mouthwatering heartiness of her mothers traditional Cantonese cuisine. Armed with the fundamental techniques, she set out to give ancient tradition a modern twist and bring the joys of Chinese cooking to all. Now, people from all over the globe flock to her popular restaurant in Sydney, billy kwong. But in this book, she brings her delicious recipes to Chinese food lovers everywhere.

Simple Chinese Cooking demystifies the preparation of Chinese cuisine--with ingredients that are readily available in any grocery store, and recipes that are friendly and easy-to-follow. From soy sauce chicken and steamed fish fillets with ginger and spring onions, to prawn wonton soup, this book offers delicious everyday meals, as well as dishes that are perfect for entertaining. With succulent 4-color photographs throughout and step-by-step instructional pictures, Simple Chinese Cooking will guide anyone to create a delectable feast.
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How to Cook Perfect Beef Stir Fry Every Time

Did you know that Chinese food has 5 Key Flavors that must be balanced according to Traditional Chinese Medicine — sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy? Flavors vary considerably across China.
Kylie Kwong

Everything You Need to Know about Asian Food

Whether for the Chinese New Year or just for a meal with friends, why not make some Asian cuisine? Get ready for a culinary tour of Asia! Source: Sasint. To help you, here are the 5 best blogs for learning to cook Asian food. When it comes to learning to cook, visiting sites can be more helpful than visiting sights.

2. China's North/South (Wheat/Rice) Food Divide

If you're just starting out cooking Chinese food, or looking for ways to improve your technique and the outcome, here are essential tips that no cook should be without. Try to vary the meat and vegetables in a dish so that there is an interesting variety of flavors, textures, and colors. The Chinese believe it is important to find balance and harmony in every aspect of life, including food. Fresh is best: always use fresh ingredients when possible. Be sure to have everything prepared before you start cooking: the vegetables washed, drained and cut; the meat cut and marinated; the sauces prepared.

What is the deal with Chinese BBQ? I know they eat spare ribs and chicken but is it really barbecued or just grilled. It's actually neither grilled nor barbecued, Doug, but rather roasted. Barbecue, as you know, is a process involving the long immersion of tough meats into a smoke bath, and that's something done at scale pretty much here and nowhere else. I saw not a single open fire kitchen when I was in Hong Kong -- which isn't to say they don't exist. But the kind of Chinese ribs and pork we have all come to love is basically cooked vertically in a tall, hot oven that allows its fat to drip off, and the sweet coating to caramelize in the heat. I wish more American restaurants would adopt the method, rather than using shitty smokerettes that burn nasty little pellets set next to electric coils.

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