Quotes about social media ruining relationships

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quotes about social media ruining relationships

Social Media Quotes (827 quotes)

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Published 02.12.2018

Social media 'inspiration quotes' are the WORST - Live At The Apollo - BBC

10 Harsh Reminders That Social Media Can KILL Your Relationship

When it comes to relationships regarding social media, this couldn't be more true. Isn't that a big part of it? Except, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship , is there? Everyone argues, fights, people make mistakes. Making snide posts about your partner online because you're upset with them will ALWAYS come back to bite you in the butt and getting angry with your significant other because they forgot to post on your FB wall for your birthday is downright criminal. I'd take a happy birthday and a hug in person over a Facebook post or tweet any day.

So you pull out your phone and open Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You interpret the post to say that and only that. Gushing about how much they love and enjoy them. You would think that they got exactly everything they asked for and their life is made more fabulous because of it. You start comparing their perceived happiness and yours, the gifts they got and the ones you wanted that are still at the store, and finally how much better their life is and yours sucks. The newest social media outlets can cause social comparisons among friends and strangers really leaving you disgruntled and depressed.

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Social media is the perfect outlet for quotes. Despite this, these sugary slices of disposable wisdom are among the most-shared images on social media we all know someone who shares these relentlessly , but what about quotes about social media — on social media? The one thing they all have in common, however, is social media. All the more reason to place Facebook ads targeting your own email list. But if your online acquaintances online say or do something, it does not. People, on average, have about Facebook friends, but only five or six real friends.

In our world today, we basically live our lives besieged by social media sites that while entertaining, unfortunately tend to control our lives. Furthermore, this cycle never stops; its on back-to-back repeat on a never-ending day-to-day basis. Since we live our lives in such an online savvy state of being, you shouldnt be surprised to find that this also applies to our relationships and has an effect on them in the physical — not 0nline — world. While the social media craze has its advantages, it can also cause us to misuse these communication-based sites within the dating world. Dont let your overactive brains get the best of you. Find out if social media is ruining your relationship with your significant other — and if so, change your ways pronto before you become known as the crazy internet stalker chick.

All of those bright colors on your screen and the beeps when you get a text or call are designed to give you a hit of dopamine , the happy drug. The hunger for that same pleasure is what drives us to seek out food, exercise, and sex, and we all know how addictive those can be. Apps are specifically engineered to make them more rewarding, so we want to use them more and more. You yourself might have managed to keep your smartphone use to a healthy level, but it takes two to tango. Your partner being constantly plugged into a device can cause all kinds of relationship issues, as you can easily start to feel like they value their virtual life more than they do you. Their family or friends or even worse, your family or friends have made comments about it too.

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