Stephen king book about kennedy assassination

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stephen king book about kennedy assassination

11/22/63 by Stephen King

Life can turn on a dime—or stumble into the extraordinary, as it does for Jake Epping, a high school English teacher in Lisbon Falls, Maine. While grading essays by his GED students, Jake reads a gruesome, enthralling piece penned by janitor Harry Dunning: fifty years ago, Harry somehow survived his father’s sledgehammer slaughter of his entire family. Jake is blown away...but an even more bizarre secret comes to light when Jake’s friend Al, owner of the local diner, enlists Jake to take over the mission that has become his obsession—to prevent the Kennedy assassination. How? By stepping through a portal in the diner’s storeroom, and into the era of Ike and Elvis, of big American cars, sock hops, and cigarette smoke... Finding himself in warmhearted Jodie, Texas, Jake begins a new life. But all turns in the road lead to a troubled loner named Lee Harvey Oswald. The course of history is about to be rewritten...and become heart-stoppingly suspenseful.
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Stephen King pens 1,000-page JFK novel

King , who has been sdescribed by Lee Child as "America's greatest living novelist", has written a fictional account of a high school teacher's desperate effort to prevent the tragedy. The book will be published on 8 November and UK rights have been bought by Hodder. His friend Al reveals that his storeroom is a portal to , and enlists Jake on a mission to try to prevent the Kennedy assassination. Jake becomes George Amberson, and enters a world of Elvis and JFK, of a troubled loner named Lee Harvey Oswald and high school librarian Sadie Dunhill, who becomes the love of Jake's life, "a life that transgresses all the normal rules of time". Chuck Verrill, whose company have the American rights, said: "The novel is big, ambitious and haunting. King has probably absorbed the social, political and popular culture of his American generation as thoroughly and imaginatively as any other writer.

His mision is to stop the assassination of President John F. Abrams as a producer and Stephen King as a writer. Franco plays Jake Epping, a 21st century high school teacher at loose ends: His wife is divorcing him, his father has died, and his students would rather look at their cellphones than watch him teach, even though he is James Franco. One day, to put this as simply as possible, his friend Al an excellent Chris Cooper shows him the time tunnel he discovered in the pantry of his diner. It is a straight link to a certain day, minute and second in — the book reaches back further — and Al, who a has conceived a plan to stop Lee Harvey Oswald from killing John F. Kennedy and b is dying, wants Jake to finish the job for him. For a while, Jake sensibly regards this as insane, but he eventually gets way on board.

I like to tell them I have the heart of a small boy… and I keep it in a jar on my desk. Actually, it was Robert Bloch who said it, although the line is often attributed to King. And because King is such an imaginative fellow, it is easy to believe that it was he who said it. Nevertheless, Stephen King is quite a clever writer. You might be disappointed. Imaginative as he is, King apparently could not imagine the truth behind the Kennedy assassination, which is as screamingly scary, as hair-raising, as bone-chilling, as heart-stopping, as it gets. Kennedy, end of story.

Kennedy , which occurred on November 22, the novel's titular date.
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Horror giant Stephen King has become the latest in a long line of novelists to settle on the defining moment that was the assassination of US president John F Kennedy as his inspiration. Epping's era-hopping habit begins when he learns that his friend, Al, who runs the local diner, is harbouring a portal to the year in his storeroom. Al enlists Jake on a mission to try to prevent the assassination of the 35th president of the United States by returning to the days of Elvis, James Dean, big cars and root beer. Jake duly makes the journey, and finds himself meeting not only troubled loner Lee Harvey Oswald, but also a beautiful school librarian, Sadie Dunhill, set to become the love of his life. But will Jake succeed in his attempt to change history? And if so, what will happen next?

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