Interviewing a black person about apartheid

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interviewing a black person about apartheid

Apartheid Quotes (41 quotes)

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Published 02.12.2018

De Klerk on Apartheid: "I haven't apologized for the original concept" (Separate but equal)

The questions I would ask of a person who lived through apartheid would be different Within South Africa, many black South Africans chose to rise up.

What Life Was Like In South Africa During Apartheid

During most of the 20th century, South Africa was ruled by a system called Apartheid, an Afrikaans word meaning 'apartness,' which was based on a system of racial segregation. But racial segregation had been in force for many decades in South Africa. In hindsight, there is something of an inevitability in the way the country developed its extreme policies. Non-whites in the Cape Colony had some representation, but this would prove to be short-lived. The United Party actually gained the majority of votes in the general election. But due to the manipulation of the geographical boundaries of the country's constituencies before the election, the Herenigde Nasionale Party managed to win the majority of constituencies, thereby winning the election.

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For a child growing up in Soweto, South Africa, in , apartheid was an abstract concept. That all changed when the government decreed that instead of learning in English, as most black children were, they would be taught in Afrikaans. To year-old Antoinette Sithole, it was a bombshell. For a young woman caught up in the heady excitement of drafting slogans, writing signboards and practicing revolutionary songs, it was an immense rush. Younger students were not supposed to be part of the protest. June 16, dawned cold and cloudy.

His freedom followed the repeal of all major apartheid laws including the lifting of the ANC ban. While Nelson Mandela is probably today's most known and adored figure, little is known about the last apartheid era president who ordered his release. He is widely recognized for orchestrating the end of South Africa's racial segregation policy known as apartheid. He led the country's transformation into a multi-racial democracy that resulted in giving equal rights to all South African citizens. While many saw him as a pragmatist who was able to see the winds of change, others saw in him a skillful and passionate visionary who prevented a civil war. I had the opportunity to sit with the former president and asked him about the challenges faced by his country today, his role in ending apartheid, his relation with Mandela and much more.

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