Interesting facts about ghosts and spirits

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interesting facts about ghosts and spirits

The Complete Book of Ghosts: A Fascinating Exploration of the Spirit World, from Apparitions to Haunted Places by Paul Roland

This book is no ordinary book of ghost stories. Like others, it offers a rich and spinetingling history of spectral sightings from ancient times through to the present day but unlike other ghost books it does not seek to convince the reader that such entities exist. Instead, the author accepts tha ghosts are a fact: apparitions that are a natural phenomenon, part of this world and part of its natural laws.
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Facts That Prove Ghosts Are Baloney

Top 5 Hauntingly True Facts About Ghosts

It's that time of year again when everyone ventures out to find something scary and shed light on those things that go bump in the night. While you are out seeking things that will scare you out of your mind, Middle Georgia Paranormal wants to talk about the most important information about what spirits can or cannot do. You might be surprised that some of the scariest things that can happen don't just wait for Halloween. No one ghost is the same as another. Each spirit has the ability to do various task depending on the level of strength they have accumulated. Though not common, a spirit does have the ability to physically attack you.

The world of the paranormal is a strange and unusual place, with scientists trying to disprove and explain many paranormal events. Here is a collection of 10 amazing paranormal facts that are pretty hard to explain. The modern Ouija Board got its name by asking the board what it should be called. When the board was asked what Ouija meant, it spelled out "Good Luck". Most ghostly disturbances are actually residual haunings.

From late night horror stories to calling off spirits and communicating with the dead, we all have been fascinated with the life beyond dead.
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  1. The most common of all ghosts spotted is usually of a deceased person, someone you know, a family member or perhaps even a historical figure.

  2. From MacBeth to the Bible, ghosts have been popular subjects of storytellers since people first started telling stories.

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