10 things i love about my brother

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10 things i love about my brother

My Brothers Name is Jessica by John Boyne

Sam Wavers life has always been pretty quiet. A bit of a loner, he struggles to make friends, and his busy parents often make him feel invisible.

Luckily for Sam, his older brother, Jason, has always been there for him. Sam idolises Jason, who seems to have life sorted - hes kind, popular, amazing at football, and girls are falling over themselves to date him.

But then one evening Jason calls his family together to tell them that hes been struggling with a secret for a long time. A secret which quickly threatens to tear them all apart. His parents dont want to know and Sam simply doesnt understand.

Because what do you do when your brother says hes not your brother at all? That hes actually your sister?
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Kodaline - Brother (Official Video)

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John Boyne

12 Reasons Why Your Brother Will Always Be The Most Awesome Guy In Your Life

There is nothing more beautiful than the love of a sibling. If you have a brother — younger or older, consider yourself blessed, because chances are you take a lot of things about him for granted without realizing that he is in fact a blessing in your life. You fight with him, you laugh with him and you also miss him when he is away from home. He loves you more than he loves himself, and he deserves the same love as well. Listed below are 30 reasons to love your brother.

No matter how many times we get on each other's nerves. No matter how many times I get annoyed with him about something he has said. No matter how many times we might say something we both regret, we both will get over it. He is my brother and I love him. Here are 21 things I appreciate about my brother.

The truth is, my brother didn't like me at first. In his defense, I guess if I were a small human being forced to share my parents for the first time then I would be a little ticked off, too. I've never found him quite as off-putting as he initially found me, but again, being the second-born, I've never known a world without him. He didn't disturb my universe—he was always right at the center of it. He's always been there, my ginger sidekick, the person who used to trail after me around the house once I started walking, chirping, "Be cee-areful , Emma! It was my first birthday, and my brother shoved his face into a cupcake and declared that he liked me.

I love you because we get to share friends; my friends are yours and your friends are mine. I love you because you always do funny things and tell jokes.
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Dads get a lot of credit. They have their own holiday, special gift baskets and the biggest serving at the dinner table. Too often, little brothers get overlooked. They don't get anywhere near the kind of recognition they deserve, and that's a shame. At the end of the day, while your dad might be a key figure in your life, you'll find that the person who's right there next to you, through thick and thin, is actually your brother. Somewhere along the way, that little goofball you never took seriously grew up to be more than just your annoying little brother; he became your best friend.


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