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love blisters something about mary

Glass Slippers Give You Blisters by Mary Jane Auch

I ordered this on Amazon after I suddenly remembered it as a childhood favorite during a library conference.  I realized it had really influenced a lot of my life! Theatre, fairy tales, jealousy amongst friendships - it was all very prophetic.  So I was excited to pick it back up. And mostly, it held up to how I remembered it! The most fun bits are the ones having to do with the show.  I love that Auch chose a real musical version of Cinderella for the school to mount (the stepsisters names are right from the R&H play and its very clear what songs theyre rehearsing even though she never names them right out).  I did the same show in junior high and it was fun to reread this with that history.  And I love that Kelly finds her place as a techie and really loves it.  Auchs descriptions of her talent at set painting and transformative powers of light design are perfect (and what really stuck in my head through the years).  I laughed when I reread it, remembering how this book was the first time I learned what gels are in lights, and how I thought they were actually gel. 

The friendship drama wasnt as engaging as when I was a kid, and Kelly is sort of immature on the reread. But she was also 11, and frankly her at 11 felt very me at 11 (and that can be hard to face).  The family drama is also very awkwardly written. The mom and Gram need a lot of family therapy. But Im really glad I bought a copy and look forward to revisiting it again down the line.
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