How do you say something about yourself

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how do you say something about yourself

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself Quotes by Shad Helmstetter

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Published 03.12.2018

How to answer TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF interview question

There are some job interview questions that are guaranteed to come up in most if not all of your job interviews — regardless of your industry, your experience level, and job type. In fact, we think this question is so important that we created an entire video lesson around it in our flagship product Big Interview. Watch it here:.

Tell Me About Yourself: Interview Question & How to Answer [Example]

It's one of the most frequently asked interview questions: "Tell me about yourself. This question can be paralyzing, leaving you wondering what it is the interviewer really wants to know. Do they want to know what you did at your last gig? Your soft skills? How you named your cat? Actually, none of the above. Here's a little secret: When an interviewer says, "Tell me about yourself," he or she really wants to know how your experience is pertinent to the job you're interviewing for.

Career Advice Interview Job Search. Despite this being a common question asked in most interviews, many job aspirants fumble when asked to “tell something about themselves.”. At the same time, they want to know the “real” you too, which is exactly what you should address when.
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Coming across as unprepared while answering this question can be a big disadvantage. It gives the interviewer a negative first impression and shows you were poorly prepared. - However it can be a difficult question to grapple with - there are so many possible answers and pieces of information that you could provide. These sample interview answers and tips will put you on the right track to providing the response the interviewer is looking for.

To keep you on track, here are a few questions to ask as you brainstorm ways to respond and structure your answer:. Overall, when you practice your answer, you want to tell a great story about yourself that you can share in no more than two minutes. In your response, do the following:. I set and oversee goals related to department budget and patient volume. Last year, I worked with our IT department to implement a communication system for scheduling procedures and protocols to ensure that all departments were adequately staffed at all times.

Mike Simpson Comments. Talking about yourself should be the easiest thing to do. After all, who knows you better than… You? But what is it about this seemingly simple question that is such a thorn in your side? Well, it can come down to a few things. In fact, this article will show you that answering this question can actually be an easy and even pleasant! Because what this unique question really is, is an opportunity for you to take control of the interview and position yourself as the perfect candidate for the job.

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