Poems about regret of break up

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poems about regret of break up

Breakup Quotes (618 quotes)

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Breaking Up When You're Still In Love

Regret Poems

Since there have been love poems, there have been poems about breaking up, grief, and heartbreak. Seriously, just take a look at Homer or Virgil. There is no magic any more, We meet as other people do, You work no miracle for me Nor I for you. You were the wind and I the sea — There is no splendor any more, I have grown listless as the pool Beside the shore. But though the pool is safe from storm And from the tide has found surcease, It grows more bitter than the sea, For all its peace. Hatred is the new love.

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Regret can make us feel an unrelenting bitterness like no other emotion. While regret can help us to avoid repeating a mistake, if left uncontrolled it can wreak havoc on a person. Hours, days, or weeks spent feeling regret for a past mistake is usually counterproductive. It can impede us from moving on with our life and letting go of the past. So how can someone dealing with regret cope? Many find that reading and writing poems that deal with their feelings allows them to let go once and for all.

Poems about Breakups. When two people are intimate with each other, this is the highest level that a relationship can reach. Whether or not the breakup is desirable, one thing is for sure, it will make a monumental difference in the lives of the people involved.
without health we have nothing

Break Up Poems

Break up poems about a relationship ending. Here you'll find poems about heartbreak, betrayal and regret. All the sadness of a relationship break up, along with poems about moving on afterwards.

Next Poem. He was so perfect in every way and I love him dearly, but towards the end things became so toxic. We no longer had the passion, respect, and the abundant love we once shared. This poem Read complete story. I could ask you to stay, But there's really nothing left to say. This breakup has been emotional and long, But I know I'm strong.

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  1. Going through a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the most painful things that a teenager can experience.

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