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childrens book about bad kid

The Bad Kid by Sarah Lariviere

Claudeline Feng LeBernardin is very good at being bad. Her Grandpa Si was a real-life gangster, and Claude always thought she’d take over the family business when he was gone. Instead, Claude’s dad is in charge—and she’s sure he’s running things into the ground. She wants to step in, but her parents are keeping secrets and her partner in crime, Fingerless Brett, is suddenly on the straight and narrow.

Then, when a very strange character by the name of Alma Lingonberry shows up in the neighborhood, Claude gets closer to the crime life than ever. Before long, she’s swept up in a maddening mystery that’s got her wondering: What does it really mean to be bad?
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Childrens Kids Book Read Aloud- 'That’s good, That’s bad'

Bad Children’s Books: 14 of the Worst

Teaching my seven-year-old students about the Civil War was a powerful and rewarding experience. The Civil War was one of the bloodiest moments in the history of our young country. Unfortunately, children today are exposed to far more violence i. Violence happens to them and they are violent toward others. Not all children are violent but violence has become a fact of life for many. Why all the talk of violence?

Like it or not, this probably means at home, on you, the parent. A safe way to experiment is important because your child knows that you will always love her or him no matter what. But a book can also be a safe way to try out new behavior as a reader if you talk about the book in the context of how it makes you both feel. What was really interesting to me was how many of the illustrators from one great book, also wrote their own wonderful book that falls into this category. We start and end with a Bang! Molly Bang!

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Sometimes they remember how much they loved books from childhood. Sometimes they see how books can open doors for kids and help them think in new ways. Sometimes they know that the right book at the right time can help a lonely child feel less alone. Most are delightful people, and many are talented writers, but when each new class begins, I know I will encounter many of the same misconceptions I saw in the last class and that a lot of my time will be spent helping students avoid or correct the same mistakes. Picture books may be short, and they may appear deceptively simple, but they are one of the most difficult forms to master.

Post a Comment Thanks for sharing! A blog about kids with disabilities who kick butt. Wednesday, February 27, File under: children's books with really bad messages. The book is about a leopard named Spot who's determined to get into the zoo and shows two kids all the tricks he can do with his spots. Turns out he's better for the circus.


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  1. THE facts of life in the marketplace are threatening children's books with a choice between gloss or loss.

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