Young adult books about sex

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young adult books about sex

Young Adult Fiction With Sex (840 books)

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Published 03.12.2018

SEX in Young Adult Books.

Sex in Young Adult fiction – a rising trend?

Sex scenes in literature tend to follow the same tired tropes. There's romance, there's sex, and it's all magical with orgasms for everyone. Not only are these scenes boring, they're misleading for young women just becoming familiar with their own sexuality — women who are very often the target demographic for the books in question. Sure, it's fine to show the ideal version of sex, but there's equal importance in reading about something more true to life. It's all too easy to think there's something wrong with you if your own first or hundredth time doesn't look or feel like perfection. It's rare to happen upon literature that shows the real, awkward, sometimes beautiful, sometimes scary, sometimes neutral world of sex, especially when it comes to young women. So we gathered a list of young adult books that talk about sex in a positive and productive way.

Some teenagers have sex. Despite the prevailing belief that sex is all that teens think about because hormones! Both YA novels and NA novels can include sex scenes, but neither must include them. For more information on the difference between YA and NA, check out this post. What is the most important thing about this scene? Is it fun? Are they nervous or excited?

True story: I lost my virginity in a car parked alongside a dark and creepy cemetery. As I hustled to get dressed, two police cars pulled up alongside of us. We got a sternly worded lecture from two patrol officers, narrowly avoided receiving a traffic ticket and were sent home in a way that was beyond awkward and embarrassing. I wanted the book to be sex positive, but I also wanted it to capture the ungraceful and bumbling aspects of first sexual encounters that sometimes get glossed over. For me, it was important to present sex in a way that was free from shame, that was appropriately consensual, and that included the use of protection.

FAQs: Sex in YA Novels

My Library of Sex Books - Hannah Witton

Since its publication over four decades ago, it has been reliably controversial, but not because it is tawdry, or vulgar. We are by now quite familiar with young adult works that use sex as a go-to for danger. On the Y. Some books are about all four. The works are not sensational, and many are great literature. Blume was not alone in her approach to literary adolescent sex. Thanks to Klein, as early as 11, I was on the lookout for the Columbia professor who would paint me in the nude and then introduce me to Bach.

By Alice Vincent. Irresistible is a girl meets boys story. The debut novel of Liz Bankes comes with a 15 certificate and features heavy petting, a country estate and a Facebook account being hacked. Its publisher admits that Irresistible is an attempt to capture the Fifty Shades of Grey success within the teen market, and in the United States raunchy teen literature has been flying up bestseller lists. Steamies are better known in the trade as New Adult Fiction.

TBH, our library cards got us wayyyy more than we bargained for. I remember thinking how different the culture presented in the book was from what I'd experienced. It was my first introduction to sex in books and to homosexuality. I still think the shared urn thing was one of the most romantic endings save a happy ending where they're both, y'know, alive. The book was so explicit that I shared the passages with all of my friends at slumber parties. Jace Herondale, man. I was the same age as the kids at that point and even though I was an avid reader, it was the first time I had read a sex scene, let alone a scene describing a girl losing her virginity, so I thought it was hot.

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  1. Whether or not you censor the books your teenage son or daughter reads, you still might want to know what he or she is reading about.

  2. Sex scenes in literature tend to follow the same tired tropes. There's romance, there's sex, and it's all magical with orgasms for everyone.

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