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its not about me scriptures

Scripture Quotes (422 quotes)

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Published 03.12.2018

Bible Verses for Sleep (Overcome Worry Scriptures)

10 Scriptures to Help You Get Through the Hard Days

Samson was betrayed by a beautiful woman. David was hunted by Saul and eventually by his own son. Job lost his family and fortune. All but one of the disciples were martyred. How can we be at peace when our world is crashing in around us? The Bible offers wisdom that has the power to steady us in any storm.

Use these Scriptures for help to get through the hard days to come up with a battle plan to turn those days around and lean on Him to get through the day. The whining starts before we even make it down the stairs. Pushing and shoving, just trying to be the first one at the table. Sleepless nights. Staying up way too late working or watching television. Streamlining your day sounds great, but how? Do you have a mountain of laundry that just never ends?

The past few years have produced a lot of scary headlines. Innocent people, even children, are not spared. Why do these things happen?
feeling so lost and alone quotes


My hand was on the door handle, ready to open the stall and leave the bathroom. But then I heard familiar voices and stood perfectly still. The Sunday worship service was about to start, and two women from the church were standing at the sink talking about our pastor while washing their hands. They thought they were alone. Their comments about him were small and mean.

Session 4. In life, people inevitably hurt, insult or otherwise offend us. When this happens, we must decide how we are going to react, respond and recover. Satan tries to keep our focus on the offense and the offender, which is a backhanded way of focusing on ourselves as we believe we deserve some sort of revenge or justice. As we learn to forgive, we become more like Jesus.

Our God cares about us. No matter what is happening, he never leaves us. Scripture tells us God knows what is going on in our lives and is faithful. As you read these comforting Bible verses, remember that the Lord is good and kind, your ever-present protector in times of need. What a comfort to know that God is fighting for us when we are afraid. He is with us in our battles. He is with us wherever we go.

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