Best childrens books about space

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best childrens books about space

Best Space Books For Kids (126 books)

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Published 04.12.2018

Me and My Place In Space - Joan Sweeney

Here are ten recommended books about space that children ages will enjoy. Whether you're reading stories about aliens or learning facts about the planets, your young astronauts will be transported to another world!
Leonardo Ramirez

Steve Cole's top 10 space books

This is especially true when finding space books for kids who are no longer in preschool. They were incredible at math. Because of their strength and brilliance, NASA was never the same again after they showed up. Science fiction at its best, this novel has everything you could want from a book. The concept is influenced by a variety of ancient Indian stories. This book for kids 8 and up covers so much including scientists, the solar system, and even the myths about the different constellations.

Welcome to my 10th annual list of recommended space books for kids! Here are the best space books out of the enormous stack I received from publishers this year. Get some for the kids in your life -- whether they're your own kids, your niblings, grandkids, or future space explorers who'll benefit from a donation to a library.
you had me at meow book

Books for 4- to 7-year-olds

Clever illustrations follow the shadow of a sweet and spunky girl around the world, showing different phases of the moon as seen from the Eiffel Tower to the Amazon Rainforest., A good book about space can feed a kid's obsession or inspire a brand new interest in exploring the wonders of the universe. If you're hoping for a holiday gift, you're in the right place: Here are Space.

As I grew up, science fiction seemed to be becoming science fact, and the anticipation of what might be discovered led me to devour every book about space I could get my hands on. It was all so exciting. And yet, slowly with the years, stuffy reality has turned up its nose at science fiction's monstrous imaginings. We know now that there are no jungles on the moon, no little green men on Mars the best we can hope for are little green bacteria. But space is infinite, and there will always be so many exquisite mysteries still remaining - so hurrah for all those fabulous space books on the shelves, full of fun and wonder, helping us to imagine and dream and inspiring us to discover the truth. Here's my top 10 of space books past and present for open minds of all ages, guaranteed to grab the imagination and squeeze it in all sorts of exciting places.

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