Poems about lusting for someone

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poems about lusting for someone

Absence: Erotic Poetry - Extruded Through Lust by P.J. Bayliss

Join PJ Bayliss in his personal journey & exploration of sexuality through this compilation of poetry & memoirs themed around lust, passion & romance.

This is the second book, following Burnt, within a series and features modern romance poetry that varies from BDSM & Kinky, to Classy & Romantic. Readers will be enticed to enter the world of devilish decadence and saucy seduction by the writer who paints a vivid picture of modern sexuality.
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Lustful poetry: Lustful love, while lively.. lacks the lusciousness of a loyal and laudable lover. Liquid love. Fills our . in every way there is to want a person.
P.J. Bayliss

Uninvited Dreams

T his poem is about a man I long to love, yearn to hold, ache to touch. Still, we share the words "I love you" and each time those three beautiful words spill from his lips all the aching, all the yearning subsides and I'm filled with such a lush peace that the world around me floats away. I love this man, I would walk to the ends of the earth to hold him in my arms and call him mine. A Few Visitor Comments me It made me ache to read this. Quite moving.

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*** Love Or Lust *** - Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

Are you looking for poems of lust? You will find the best lust poems here!

Its all in the mind and from the mind. Heart is only to make love look so nice and beautiful. Heart only function as a generator to supply nutrients and oxygen to our bodies. If the heart stops, we die. Love and lust is a mind game. It will remain in the brain depend on how serious or critical the amount of love that we have recieved.

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The passionate dizziness That night we did kiss Now tell me was it passion and lust? The cuddling and hand-holding The position- as if we, ourselves were folding Now tell me was it questionable love? The kind that can reach above? When he denied me what I needed - a few simple words to let me know what he felt when he looked at me and that it was real. What exactly did I see in him?

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  1. Kiss my collarbones, make me try not to shiver with the scratchy texture of your sweet stubble cheeks.

  2. Lust poetry: (E)ven the people around us knew it was just flirting, you were always going to hurt me somehow, someday, somewhere. Some things don't.

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