I don t care about christmas anymore

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i don t care about christmas anymore

Stanleys Christmas Adventure (Flat Stanley, #5) by Jeff Brown

Who will save Christmas?

Santa Claus is not his usual, jolly self. In fact, hes in a terrible mood. He doesnt believe that children appreciate Christmas anymore. This year, he has decided that he is not going to deliver any Christmas presents!

Luckily, his daughter, Sarah Claus, knows who to call for help. The Lambchop family! But can they convince Santa that there are still good children in the world? Just leave it up to Stanley.

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Published 04.12.2018

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Why I Don’t Want To “Do” Christmas

Growing up, Christmas was always awesome because "YAY! These days I just can't care. I don't get much time off from my job, and if there are games I want, I can just buy them with my own paycheck. These days it just seems to be an excuse for my mom to stuff me full of fatty food that I'll spend January working off.


Ask Your Question today. Well this was the first year where I realized I don't like Christmas. I think it's because of what it has become: a holiday for mass consumerism. I hate buying and getting gifts. I also don't have much of a family so yeah. I just merely believe in God but I'm not affiliated with any religion.

I don't like Christmas as much as I did when I was a kid. I can sort of sympathise. I think it's different now we're adults, there's not magic to Christmas. I can definitely sympathise with the hermit bit and no job stuff, because it's like same old same old Couple of years ago I had two friends die on Xmas Eve, seperately.

Christmas was my favorite holiday growing up. I was that kid who begged to no avail to open at least one gift on Christmas Eve and would wake up no later than a. Nicholas brought me. Yes, I believed in Santa Claus and I even left cookies and milk out for this mysterious man. And for dinner, my family omitted the typical turkey, dressing, green bean casserole and the like for nontraditional food like pasta or chili, assuming that we would have had the standard cuisine for Thanksgiving. Of course, I stopped believing in Santa and instead of toys, I wanted clothes and money, but more than losing my childlike admiration for the excitement of the day, I realized that I really did not like Christmas anymore. It became more of a hassle than something to look forward to.

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  1. OT: i personally don't care for xmas. Too much stress. I gotta pretend to get along with my family And my girlfriend's family And my baby's.

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