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what is be more chill about

Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini

Jeremy Heere is your average high school dork. Day after day, he stares at beautiful Christine, the girl he can never have, and dryly notes the small humiliations that come his way. Until the day he learns about the squip. A pill-sized supercomputer that you swallow, the squip is guaranteed to bring you whatever you most desire in life. By instructing him on everything from what to wear, to how to talk and walk, the squip transforms Jeremy from Supergeek to superchic. Now an off-Broadway musical!

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be more chill in a nutshell

Be More Chill is a musical with original music and lyrics by Joe Iconis, and a book by Joe Tracz, based on the novel of the same name by Ned Vizzini.
Ned Vizzini

'Be More Chill' will probably be a Broadway hit. Too bad it's also a disappointment.

If you aren't already familiar with Be More Chill , a Broadway musical that opened Sunday, it's likely a teen in your life can clue you in. The show, adapted from the YA novel by Ned Vizzini about an anxious high schooler who takes a pill to become popular, originally premiered in New Jersey in , and, despite lukewarm reviews, slowly found a cult following, with a cast album that's been streamed tens of millions of times. Needless to say, the show has serious buzz, with The Wall Street Journal noting, "It's gonna hit big," and a movie adaptation already in the works. Unfortunately, for all the excitement of another musical aimed at young people, this one lacks the emotional depth of Dear Evan Hansen, the powerful music of Spring Awakening, or the mostly-sharp satire of Mean Girls though it does have a very similar number about teens on Halloween! Meet Jeremy Dear Evan Hansen 's Will Roland , a nerdy high school outsider who just wants to be popular and get his manic pixie dream theater girl of a crush Christine an over-the-top Stephanie Hsu to kiss him. His first idea is to join the activity she likes, but the opening number, "More Than Survive," finds him singing, "It's a sign up sheet for the after-school play!

A tale of nerdy teen angst and technology by songwriter Joe Iconis and bookwriter Joe Tracz, this geek-love, sci-fi, high school musical bombed during its initial run at Two River Theater in New Jersey. There is a breathless quality to everything that squeaky but belting baritone Roland does in his attempt to break free and be cool. Heere Jason SweetTooth Williams, playing several roles — have been trimmed. Some bits and pieces of the relationship between Jeremy and Michael also seem to have been reduced or tamped down from the Off Broadway version. Opened March 10,

By Greg Evans. Be More Chill , the Joe Iconis musical with a road-to- Broadway story nearly as surprising as its sci-fi teen comedy plot, has posted an Aug. The musical at the Lyceum Theatre will have played 30 previews and performances when it swallows its final Squip.
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Be more chill: the musical (animatic version)

An online phenomenon loses its mojo on Broadway. The heat is off. Our unhappy camper is Jeremy Will Roland , and his route to social acceptance involves a literal chill pill: a black-market Japanese capsule known as a Squip. As is traditional in Faustian-bargain stories, all does not go well. People get hurt and gossip runs wild; a Halloween party begins in cute outfits and ends in disaster. Even for no-longer-young adults, it has entertaining moments. Tiffany Mann, in an underwritten role, throws down some yowza vocals in the second act.

A film adaptation of both the novel and the musical is also in development. Be More Chill is written in the first person, from the perspective of high school student Jeremy Heere. Jeremy is considered a loser by his popular peers; the popular girls have no interest in him, and he is frequently tormented by bullies. Jeremy's best friend is the music-loving Michael Mell. They always sit together at lunch and often talk about Jeremy's attempts at wooing his longtime crush, Christine Caniglia yes, that is how it is spelled in the novel.

These elements collide to ensure that Be More Chill cannot decide if it wants to be a campy, cult classic or a hard-hitting teenage drama. Taking the material from the page to the stage, Tracz and Iconis have slightly neutered it and built up the B-movie elements of the tale. This is all the more apparent from the moment that the overture opens with sounds spun from a Theremin, which is blatantly spotlit while being played from upstage center. Another notable change from the novel is the inclusion of visibly queer characters. So, even in , the socially progressive Broadway arena still plays into the damaging tropes of bisexuality being a joke. Despite the flights into total fantasy, Roland plays his role in an almost realistic way. Jason Tam as The Squip is deliciously sinister.

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