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mr and mrs jones about

Mr. & Mrs. Jones: An Erotic Love Story by Brookelyn Mosley

Welcome to Hollywood. A town that challenges true love in an industry where relationships survive off illusions.
Melodee Delon and Amir Jones went from being just friends to passionate lovers. But will the change from lovers to committed spouses be as much of a success?
Evolving from a nobody to a somebody overnight sent Melodee’s world spinning. Life changed for her the moment she accepted Amir’s marriage proposal in front of millions. Their whirlwind romance continues without a hitch, but not without its ups and tragic downs.
Their love blooms as husband and wife, true. But an unexpected event strains the trust in their relationship and threatens their happy ending soon after they say, “I do.”
Moving to a zip code where glitz and glamour is protocol and being strategically genuine is a priority does a great job at complicating things between them. This forces Melodee out of her element and makes her underestimate people’s true motives. With Amir by her side though, she’s willing to adjust and face her new reality in an industry where gossip mavens give rumors the same respect as facts. But what happens when the one thing that almost pulled them apart the first time, loyalty, tests their bond once again?
Can their relationship and love for each other survive the turbulence of being married in Hollywood? Or will the hedonistic illusion of Hollyweird suck them in then spit them out with no love left to salvage?
Catch up with a couple who will steal your heart and take you on an emotional rollercoaster one last time in the sequel to Girl Code… Mr. & Mrs. Jones!
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Me and Mrs. Jones

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