Questions historians ask about the past

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questions historians ask about the past

Historians Quotes (68 quotes)

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Published 04.12.2018

Manstein's "MIRACLE" at the Third Battle of Kharkov [Heavy Sarcasm within] TIK Q&A 19

Questions Historians Ask About Events

Getting Started. Questions to Ask. How does the particular story compare and relate to others in the same newspaper? What was left out of the story? How can I find out more? Download Essay.

Delving into History…

Over the weekend my husband and I headed to the Phildelphia Museum of Art. A lot of people look at his work and see childlike scribbles.

AHA Today. Allen Mikaelian Jun 6, In what may become a regular feature on this blog, we hope to collect and link to some of the best questions, arguments, and discussions relating to history on Wikipedia, Quora, and Reddit. There are some very pertinent and fascinating questions for historians on social and wiki-based media, and very few historians answering them. We hope the list below might inspire some readers to lend their expertise to ongoing discussions. We also hope that those who do jump into these conversations write to tell us about their experiences.

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Dr Claudia Stein. What questions should historians ask about the past? How should they go about answering them? Why should the past be studied in the first place? This module examines how historians since the Enlightenment have addressed these issues. Offering a panorama of the discipline's evolution, it invites students to reflect on a wide range of themes and approaches.

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