What do you know about sharks by sharon guynup

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what do you know about sharks by sharon guynup

Blood of the Tiger: A Story of Conspiracy, Greed, and the Battle to Save a Magnificent Species by J.A. Mills

Blood of the Tiger takes readers on a wild ride to save one of the world’s rarest animals from a band of Chinese billionaires.
Many people think wild tigers are on the road to recovery, but they are in greater danger than ever—from a menace few experts saw coming.

There may be only three thousand wild tigers left in the entire world. More shocking is the fact that twice that many—some six thousand—have been bred on farms, not for traditional medicine but to supply a luxury-goods industry that secretly sells tiger-bone wine, tiger-skin décor, and exotic cuisine enjoyed by China’s elite.
Two decades ago, international wildlife investigator J. A. Mills went undercover to expose bear farming in China and discovered the plot to turn tigers into nothing more than livestock. Thus begins the story of a personal crusade in which Mills mobilizes international forces to awaken the world to a conspiracy so pervasive that it threatens every last tiger in the wild.
In this memoir of triumph, heartbreak, and geopolitical intrigue, Mills and a host of heroic comrades try to thwart a Chinese cadre’s plan to launch billion-dollar industries banking on the extinction of not just wild tigers but also elephants and rhinos. Her journey takes her across Asia, into the jungles of India and Nepal, to Russia and Africa, traveling by means from elephant back to presidential motorcade, in the company of man-eaters, movie stars, and world leaders. She finds reason for hope in the increasing number of Chinese who do not want the blood of the last wild tigers to stain their beloved culture and motherland.
Set against the backdrop of China’s ascendance to world dominance, Blood of the Tiger tells of a global fight to rein in the forces of greed on behalf of one of the world’s most treasured and endangered animals.
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5 Species Of Shark Found In UK Waters! - SHARK WEEK 2018

Meet the Author Sharon Guynup born Animal Lover Sharon Guynup Species that sharks devour, like seals, for example, would overpopulate and in turn.
J.A. Mills

What do you know about SHARKS?

Recounts the author's experience with shark attack while fishing in Galveston Island, Texas. Description of this summer's incidents of shark attacks in Texas. Theories regarding the causes of shark attacks are discussed. Reports on the increase in shark attacks in the United States in Researchers' beliefs regarding the reason behind the attacks; Reason for the higher number of attacks; Need for people who enter the ocean to remain wary. A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience of encountering shark-related incident in Perth, Western Australia.

RI 1 Cite textual evidence to support analysis of the what the text says explicitly. RI 2 Determine central ideas in a text; provide an objective summary. RI 4 Determine the meaning of phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative meanings. RI 5 Analyze the structure an author uses to organize a text. Cute doesn t always mean cuddly, and frightening doesn t always mean vicious. Copy the chart shown here, and decide whether each statement is true or false. Then gather with others in a small group and share your answers.

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Future endangered species posts will be posted at Endangered Species Journalist. Bagheera and Tigers in Crisis will now have their own blogs. Sumatran tiger — photo by Craig Kasnoff. The newly designed — and mobile friendly — Bagheera endangered species website has now launched. The remainder of will be spent updating content and adding new content areas. The new Bagheera website now includes Bagheera TV, which features YouTube videos focused on endangered species issues. Soon to be added will be information regarding endangered species status, and laws, from around the world.

On a Monday in February , Carlos Pages pored over paperwork that accompanied a huge shipment of animals that had just arrived at Miami International Airport on a flight from Paraguay. The crates and boxes contained a wide assortment of species—some 3, toads, frogs, tarantulas and snakes. Then an email tip came in, informing him that the documents were forged. Eleven days later, the animals were loaded back on a plane, headed home. En route of them perished. Back in Paraguay, the survivors were examined, quarantined, and the healthy ones were ultimately released back into the wild.

Sharks are fish that range in size from as large as 15 tons to as small as 10 inches. Most sharks are harmless. Only about two dozen species attack humans. Some scientists think that the attacking sharks mistake the sounds of swimming humans for that of injured fish. The great white shark, the tiger shark, and the bull shark are the most dangerous to humans. Some extra videos of various sharks some that we studied and some new ones for your viewing enjoyment. Some videos assisted by a very helpful student, Alessandro Melis.

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  1. Most sharks are dangerous to humans. 3. Sharks lived at the time of dinosaurs. What Do You Know About Sharks? Magazine Article by Sharon Guynup.

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