Talking to teenage daughter about sexting

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talking to teenage daughter about sexting

A Survival Guide to Parenting Teens: Talking to Your Kids About Sexting, Drinking, Drugs, and Other Things That Freak You Out by Joani Geltman

Turn back the clocks! Your sweet child has morphed into a teen. And its no longer just a messy bedroom or an attitude with a capital A causing concern. Theres a whole new range of issues on the horizon.

What if your daughter texts a naked picture to a boyfriend...which he then forwards to the entire class? What if your son becomes increasingly withdrawn...Or your child is being bullied online? Would you know what to do? You could read a whole book on teen psychology--but who has the time! As a parent, what you need most is quick and candid advice for dealing with the issue at hand. After all, if you say the right thing you will open up the lines of communication, but say the wrong thing...and WATCH OUT.

A Survival Guide to Parenting Teens is the solution. Covering a broad range of issues from the terrifying (sex, drinking, drugs, depression) to the frustrating (defiance, laziness, conformity, entitlement), parenting expert Joani Geltman approaches each of the 80 topics with honesty and a dash of humor. Want to understand why teens do what they do? Joani reveals what they are thinking and feeling--and what developmental factors are involved. She then explains how to approach each problem in a way that lets your kid know you get it and leads to truly productive conversations.

From lying to sexting to falling grades, the teenage years can be an uphill battle. Here is the no-nonsense guide you need to get your teen talking, listening, and back on track.
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Published 05.12.2018

How To Talk To Your Teens About Sexting – Part 1

Back in the day, flirting was in person or via passed notes. Or asked your friend to ask their friend if, you know, they kinda liked you….
Joani Geltman

Parents: You Need To Talk To Your Teens About Sexting – Now!

Our lives these days are intertwined with our digital devices, for good or for ill. That includes adolescent romantic and sexual relationships of all kinds — happy, tragic, mutual, one-sided, healthy, abusive. And experts say that rather than being shocked to find that kids are sexting, we should instead be talking about it from an early age, just as we should about other aspects of their developing sense of their sexual identities. Her advice to parents is to start talking about sexting — as with so many topics — younger than you think you need to. She suggested that for younger children, the conversations could be simple and could be put in the context of other absolute rules. Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show decreasing rates of sexual activity among high school students over the period from to , with the prevalence of having ever had sexual intercourse down from

However, with these benefits also come some risks. Understanding what this means and how to talk to them about it is very important. It may also be limited to verbal communication, which consists of suggestive and overtly sexual messages or descriptions of sexual acts. Sexting between two consenting adults is perfectly legal. However, when children under the age of 18 are involved, child pornography and sexual exploitation laws are easily broken.

A lot of parents and schools warn teens to avoid sending nude photos, lest they fall into the wrong hands or be used against them if a relationship goes south. In practice, this often translates to asking girls not to send pictures to boys, since research shows that boys are four times more likely to pressure girls to send sexts than vice versa. This is clearly a flawed approach if we want to protect kids — not to mention sexist. A key victory of the MeToo movement has been to shine a bright and unforgiving light on the rampant sexual abuse and harassment that women face. But to effectively change a culture where men set the rules and women are expected to comply, we have to start in adolescence—when love and sex are new and exciting, but also unfamiliar and uncomfortable. We need to teach teenage girls to place more value on their own desires and expectations, while teaching teenage boys to see love and sex not as just as milestones of a masculinity, but as a way of connecting with another human being.

Or you learn from an older sibling that a suggestive photo of your younger daughter is circulating online. Some teens circulate sexually explicit selfies or videos, or capture and forward screenshots from intimate Instagram photos or FaceTime video chats.
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What Is Sexting?

This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to administer and improve your experience on our site, to help diagnose and troubleshoot potential server malfunctions, and to gather use and demographic information. See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. We'd all like to simply say, "Just don't do it. The combination could lead to risky decisions in a world where anything digitized can become public.

This article is the fourth in a series on how parents can address the issue of sexting with their teenage children. The first part of this series emphasized the importance of educating yourself as a parent and talking to your kids about sexting as well as internet and social media issues. Part 2 reviewed some of the ground rules to put in place. Part 3 identified some signs your teen may be trying to hide their tracks on the internet and in their social media use. This column will cover how to talk to your kid if you discover they have been sending sexts. What to say if your kid has been sending sexts? Sexting among teens seems to be about a number of things.

By Marnie Goldenberg Dec 1, Photo: iStockphoto. When I was 13, I talked on the phone a lot. There were long, breathless chats with my besties and awkward, hormone-fuelled chats with boys. By grade 7, more than half of students have their own device , which they use for emoji-filled texting. During adolescence, they experience a lot of social and sexual development, and sometimes text messages cross over into sexting.

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