Its all about the eyes

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its all about the eyes

Earthquakes Quotes (30 quotes)

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Published 05.12.2018

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A new study reveals a new hypothesis about the role the amygdala plays in the experience and perception of fear. Researchers say, instead of.

It's all in the eyes: Women and men really do see things differently

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Do you turn your gaze to their direction? Do you wait until you have their attention back again? Or do you walk out in frustration, consumed by thoughts of not being interesting enough? I bet we all felt a tinge of discomfort in these disrupted social situations. But why should this one action coming from someone else consume us with all these cognitively demanding thoughts, preventing us from deciding our next course of action swiftly? From an evolutionary standpoint, we are equipped with the ability to quickly decide what actions to take in a given situation without spending too much time.

Women and men look at faces and absorb visual information in different ways, which suggests there is a gender difference in understanding visual cues, according to a team of scientists that included psychologists from Queen Mary University of London QMUL. The researchers used an eye tracking device on almost participants at the Science Museum over a five-week period to monitor and judge how much eye contact they felt comfortable with while looking at a face on a computer screen. They found that women looked more at the left-hand side of faces and had a strong left eye bias, but that they also explored the face much more than men. The team observed that it was possible to tell the gender of the participant based on the scanning pattern of how they looked at the face with nearly 80 per cent accuracy. Given the very large sample size the researchers suggest this is not due to chance. We can also eliminate any other observable characteristics like perceived attractiveness or trustworthiness.

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  1. "Eyes are captivatingly beautiful. Not because of the color but because of the words they hold within them" "Los ojos son cautivadoramente hermosos no por su.

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