What is the musical hamilton about

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what is the musical hamilton about

Hamilton Musical Quotes (22 quotes)

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Hamilton the musical Animatic version

O n the evening of 23 June, I happened to be in a theatre in New York, watching a musical about a man who exhorted his country first to revolution and then into a federal union.

Hamilton - SYNOPSIS

Hamilton was born out of wedlock in the West Indies his father abandoned him at an early age and his mother died when Hamilton was twelve. By nineteen, Hamilton has made his way to the American colonies, a dedicated supporter of American independence. Burr advises the overenthusiastic Hamilton to "talk less; smile more". Hamilton is unable to understand why Burr would rather exercise caution than fight for his beliefs " Aaron Burr, Sir Lyrics ". Hamilton bonds with three fellow revolutionaries: abolitionist John Laurens, the flamboyant Frenchman Marquis de Lafayette, and the tailor's apprentice Hercules Mulligan. Hamilton dazzles them with his rhetorical skills " My Shot Lyrics " and they dream of laying down their lives for their cause " The Story of Tonight Lyrics ".

In August , the show transferred to Broadway 's Richard Rodgers Theatre , where it received enthusiastic critical reception and unprecedented advance box office sales. They affirm their revolutionary goals to each other " The Story of Tonight ". Samuel Seabury warns everyone about the Congress, but Hamilton disagrees and tries to counter Seabury " Farmer Refuted ". King George then insists on his authority " You'll Be Back ". After the wedding, Hamilton, Laurens, Lafayette and Mulligan drink together, while the three poke fun at Hamilton for getting married. Burr walks in on the group, unexpected by Hamilton to be attending.

Did you know that Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the treasury of the United States and one of George Washington's most dedicated allies and trusted advisors, had a torrid affair? The woman's husband discovered the affair and when Hamilton's political opponents, including Thomas Jefferson, threatened to expose his infidelity, Hamilton decided to own the narrative and released a pamphlet exposing it himself.
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Production and lyrics of the musical began when Lin-Manuel Miranda discovered the biography Alexander Hamilton , by Ron Chernow, in an airport while on vacation from his other Broadway hit In The Heights off-Broadway While reading it on vacation in Mexico, Miranda began developing early ideas of a musical revolving Hamilton and his life. He began writing these ideas down, frequently shouting out ideas to his wife, Vanessa Nadal, as they came to mind. After researching, he found that a play by the life of Alexander Hamilton did exist, though it dated back to McCarter says " Lin-Manuel Miranda told me he wanted to write a hip-hop concept album about the life of Alexander Hamilton.

This award-winning, critically acclaimed production first opened off-Broadway in New York in February , and since then has become one of the hottest tickets in theatre land. But what is it, exactly? Who or what is Hamilton? OK, so what did he do to get put on there? Miranda read the book and after a quick Google, was shocked that no one had created a musical about this particular Founding Father before. It puts a figure who was sidelined and never quite broken through to mainstream culture — unlike his contemporaries such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and even King George III, all of whom appear in the show — centre stage.

Teaching Hamilton: An American Musical from a musically rich perspective in an interdisciplinary context provides an extraordinary opportunity for students to develop creative approaches to talking about music outside of the Western canon and to relate their musical ideas to a range of important topics that too often reside beyond the traditional music classroom. The immense popularity of this musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda can enliven class discussions through its familiarity and its broad reach into American consciousness. It has captured the musical interest of both young and old, people of different races and social classes, and people who love musicals and people who hate them. Studying Hamilton in musical depth in connection with a broader context provides space for thoughtful discussions of how the music portrays American history, how the styles of music expand cultural conceptions of the Broadway musical, how its libretto illuminates important perspectives on contemporary and eighteenth-century American society, and how its characters and casting epitomize divergent political views both historically and in the present. My choice of this repertoire to use as a case study in a senior seminar has brought substantial new interest to my teaching from a wide variety of sources.

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