The truth about witches book

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the truth about witches book

The Truth about Witches by Eric Braun

Most of the pictures in this 32 page book are great and the pages are filled with information about witches. I loved looking at all the different faces and styles of witches throughout history which are geared towards children and the author was able to provide that. Geared more towards elementry children, this book will answer many basic questions for them plus the last page of the book has information on where they can go for more details about witches, with internet sites and more books to read listed out for them. The book itself has good information and in the written details the author include many movies and books that witches have played a role in and what type of role it was. From their behaviors, looks and then touching on some of the individual witch stories, that is what you will find inside these pages. Not a book I would read to a child at night before bed but a good book to show what a major part witches have played in fairy tales throughout the years. From Harry Potter to Little Mermaid to Snow White, everyone is familiar with an witch.

Witches arent always evil.
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Favourite Books About Witches - Top 5 Wednesday

Evie and the Truth About Witches

Visit The Modern Witch eStore for all your magical needs. I think it is important to look at some of the misconceptions and misunderstandings about witchcraft. The idea of a horned man, wildly and inappropriately sexual and evil can be traced back to the misunderstanding of the pagan masculine entity, the God. The God was the partner of the Goddess. He typically was depicted as the powerful figure of a stag, fully realised with huge protective antlers. His sheer life force was one of vitality, virility and fertility. This beautiful, inspirational, peaceful masculine face of the Divine was soon tarnished and denigrated into a horned, hoofed, sex-crazed figure by the new religion Christianity.

Some believe witch season is only once a year. I tend to fall in a different camp: witch season is every season, no matter what. Along with witch season comes the deep fascination with and desire to read YA books about witches. Find below a wide array of excellent YA books about witches. The young adult books with witches below span those titles which lean more heavily toward realistic than fantasy, as well as those which are far more toward the fantastical than realistic side. Descriptions come from Goodreads.

Oh, October. For spellbinding stories with magic, mythical creatures, maybe some mythology, and, oh yes, definitely mayhem. Scorn the witch. Fear the witch. Burn the witch. History is filled with stories of women accused of witchcraft, of fearsome girls with arcane knowledge.

YA Books About Witches

A Discovery of Witches is a historical - fantasy novel and the debut novel by American scholar Deborah Harkness. It follows the story of Diana Bishop, a history of science professor at Yale University who, after accidentally finding an elusive, long-thought-lost manuscript, is compelled to embrace the magic in her blood that she has sought to keep out of her life and engage in a forbidden romance with charming vampire Matthew Clairmont. It has since been released in paperback and also as an ebook. The novel has been translated into more than 36 languages. The book received mostly positive feedback from literary critics. It was praised for its intelligence and the mixture of history and fantasy, although some critics felt the plot was trite and the pacing was slow.

Fall is fast approaching, which means Halloween will be here before you know it, as will a flood of stories and products featuring broom-riding, wart-nosed, curse-casting witches. While autumn is generally affiliated with the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, the comfortable return of oversized sweaters, and the iconic taste of pumpkin spice everything, the season is often associated with one other thing: witches. With their pointy hats and boiling cauldrons in hand, these magical and often misunderstood women take over everything from your bookshelf and your television screen to your wardrobe and your home decor. Even makeup and fashion brands release products like mystical-themed eyeshadow palettes, wand-shaped brushes to witch-inspired accessories. Wicca is, after all, a very real, very religion that people all over the world practice, people who have historically been persecuted for their beliefs.

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