What does my birthmark say about me

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what does my birthmark say about me

Birthmarks Quotes (7 quotes)

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What Do The Different Birthmarks On Your Body Mean - BoldSky

Birthmark Meaning - What does your birthmark say about you. A birthmark may develop during gestation or in the first few months of a baby's.

What Does Your Birthmark Say About You?

Reincarnation researchers have discovered that some people who died a traumatic death in a past life bear the scars of those injuries in the form of a birthmark. Ian Stevenson, a psychiatrist from the University of Virginia, began studying children between the ages of 2 — 4 who remembered their past lives. In hundreds of cases he documented, Dr. Stevenson was able to show a direct correlation between how a person died in a prior life and their birth mark now. Could our birthmarks be an imprint of memories our soul carries from a prior lifetime?

Psychic marks are common birthmarks and moles. Where they are located, their color, and their shape may be what makes them psychic. Their significance is not just a new age phenomenon linked to the meaning of birthmarks and starseeds, however. Psychic beliefs about birthmarks cross cultures and generations. For example, pretenders to the Russian throne used royal birthmarks or "royal marks" to bolster their claims of royal blood.

Whether you have birthmarks or not, an old legend shares the story of what those marks could possibly mean. Do you have oddly shaped birthmarks? Or are they in the most random spots?
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What Do Your Birthmarks Mean? Maculomancy and Moleomancy

What does a birthmark mean? Birthmarks have many meanings which differ from one community to another, depending on the different cultural backgrounds in the world. The meanings of birthmark have a bearing on the teachings and experiences of a certain community. These teachings and experiences range from myths and tradition to religion and superstition. There are assumptions that birthmarks represent wounds that were inflicted in a past life, or how a person died in a past life. Other assumptions claim that birthmarks indicate luck or omens. Furthermore, it is also assumed that birthmarks are just a result of what the mother did or ate during pregnancy.

Birthmarks have quite the reputation, both good and bad. There have long been differing viewpoints about the spiritual significance of skin blemishes. Throughout history, birthmarks were feared by superstitious, paranoid, and religious fanatics. Of course, all of this speculation should be taken with a grain of salt; there's no scientific evidence that birthmarks are anything other than skin anomalies. And if you have a mole or freckle that's oddly shaped, keep an eye on it: if it changes shape or size, that may be an indication of melanoma, a kind of skin cancer.

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  1. There are myths that say your birthmarks are associated with events in your past life, while science says that they are created at birth from an excess of melanin production.

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