Mary oliver poems about flowers

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mary oliver poems about flowers

Mary Oliver Quotes (Author of A Thousand Mornings)

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Published 05.12.2018

Fall Song a poem by Mary Oliver

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That said, the peony would definitely be among my top 3. Layered, fluffy and papery, I love their form, texture and volume. Mine are starting to form buds and I check eagerly everyday on their progress. I was helping a friend on her little flower farm on Vancouver Island the other day pinch off extra buds on her peonies which are much further along than mine and noticed teeny tiny ants feeding on the sap that gently oozes from the buds. I was instantly reminded of this poem and revisited it when I got home. A clear demonstration of just how much emotion a flower can evoke. This morning the green fists of the peonies are getting ready to break my heart as the sun rises, as the sun strokes them with his old, buttery fingers.

The poet must not only write the poem but must scrutinize the world intensely, or anyway that part of the world he or she has taken for subject. If the poem is thin.
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Mary Oliver

Because of this, the essences of flowers support us with a special compassion through our earthbound transformation. Flower essences contain the vibratory qualities of the flowers, and are made by infusing the flower into spring water under sun or moon light. - Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Moccasin Flowers by Mary Oliver. All my life, so far, I have loved more than one thing, including the mossy hooves of dreams, including' the spongy litter under the tall trees. In spring the moccasin flowers reach for the crackling lick of the sun and burn down. Sometimes, in the shadows, I see the hazy eyes, the lamb-lips of oblivion, its deep drowse, and I can imagine a new nothing in the universe, the matted leaves splitting open, revealing the black planks of the stairs. But all my life--sofar-- I have loved best how the flowers rise and open, how the pink lungs of their bodies enter the fore of the world and stand there shining and willing--the one thing they can do before they shuffle forward into the floor of darkness, they become the trees.


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  1. Apr 28, Oliver celebrates the beautiful fervor of life in the face of oblivion with From the Archives: 'Moccasin Flowers,' a Poem by Mary Oliver.

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