Childrens books about half siblings

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childrens books about half siblings

Sister of the Quints by Stella Pevsner

Sister Of The Quints
PLOT: Natalie Wentworth cant seem to get away from the title sister of the quints. Shortly after her mother and fathers divorce, her father remarried again to a lady named Jean who soon after that gave birth to quintuplets. Or as Natalie refers to them pests. Feeling taken advantage of and ignored at home because of the babies, Natalie comes to realize that despite the good things there in her life (her friends Jiggs and Claudia and potential boyfriend Noel) where her place really is (with her mother in Canada). Only things dont turn out quite that way. Not until theres an incident after the quints first birthday involving threatening calls and a kidnapping that Natalie and her mother both come to the same conclusion about a mothers need and love for their children.

MY THOUGHTS: This is one of the older books Ive always had and liked from a long time ago. Even though it was a very light read it was heartbreakingly sad. One of the main things it touched on was a siblings hurt and frustration over what she felt was her lost identity. I found myself getting angry with the parents because Natalie didnt have the babies, but in a lot of ways, she was expected to grow up and be the parent and not just be a teenager. Particularly the Dad who made it seem like this (his) responsibility was hers. He actually has the nerve to complain that he has to come home and watch his own kids. THEYRE YOUR KIDS! And then trusts to shed tears in the end when she tells him hes leaving. Can you really blame her? Werent you the one that yelled at her when she wanted to pursue her own interest outside of the quints? I didnt feel sorry the least bit for the Dad. At least Jean tried to be a little understanding and take Natalies feelings more into consideration. You dont have to be the sister of quints to sometimes feel like in a family (big or small) that your voice can be lost in the crowd. Or not heard at all. Natalie isnt the only one forced to grow up. It was heartbreaking not only to see Michelle confused about why taking Alice was wrong but what lead her to do it. Her mother is such the controlling type that she doesnt even see the harm shes doing to her daughter in trying to force her to probably live out some fantasy that shes wanted for herself through her daughters. The story doesnt say this but I can just about guess thats the case here. And for the record Michelle just sounds girly (the doll, the pink Swiss room). It doesnt say what happens to her at the end but I hope that poor child got help. As for the kidnapping itself, NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED! I know this lady is older but Im surprised she wasnt fired on the spot after Alice was found. I watched kids (not that young) a hot second and even I know that you cant take your eyes off babies (especially that many) for a second. If the phone rang either she should have left the machine pick up or if there wasnt one and she couldnt get them all inside just not even try to answer it. What she did was taking a HUGE risk! And Jean and the Dad were very gracious to still keep her around after that. If she were watching my baby (if I had one) I dont think I would have been because what if it would have been a *real* kidnapper. Theyve just been splashed all over the news. Some sick person might have seen it as a way to get some quick ransom money.

RATING: 8 I liked the messages that no matter how many children a parent has each and every one is special and cant be replaced. Also, the end message that no one should be lumped into a package and that each of us are our own individuals. Shown in the way Natalie wants the quints to be called by their own names (Alice, Beth, Craig, Drew, and Emma) and also have them go to separate schools. I also thought it was cute that she named that after the letters on their cribs at the hospital that were (A, B, C, D, E) and didnt make their names into nicknames and keep them short, sweet, and simple.
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