Short poems about destruction of nature

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short poems about destruction of nature

Destruction Of Nature Quotes (11 quotes)

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Published 05.12.2018

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Mother Nature

Prev Poem. Phinazee more by Edith A. Our world is always changing, Constantly rearranging. From ocean depths to mountain peaks, Mother Nature moves and speaks. While telling stories of our past She tries to teach us how to last. Mankind, so smart, sometimes blind Leaves common sense far behind. We're moving fast and living large, Forgetting Mother Nature's in charge.

Some say the planet is sick and humans are the virus, it is undeniably we as a species have destroyed this beautiful planet at an alarming rate. Putting aside global warming and climate change, no species is as greedy as the human race, we take more than we need and leaves a trail of destruction. Together we can challenge the threats to nature, and help ensure its ability to provide—for the sake of every living thing, including ourselves. There is a saying, everybody wants to change the world but nobody is ready to change themselves for the world. Perhaps it is time for us to reflect on ourselves and ask, what have I done for mother nature? Do you really need to use that much plastic bag? Will you walk to the nearby shop instead of driving?

The once clean and pure waters of the ocean, Pure, What does that even mean? Where whales, dolphins, fish swam freely, With the course of nature and life. No interference by humans. The ocean is as beautiful as wild animals. The Sun becomes red hot Beings search for a drop of water and they fought.

Destruction of Beauty

The destruction of natural beauty Something we cant comprehend truly The unstoppable fire like a bullet from a gun It rages just as passionately as the sun. It continues on like a moving train This force is a natural desire that has no pain Its engraved into everyone's mind Something that doesn't discriminate. It only emanates and evolves It never dissolves, unlike the resources of this planet Nature is fading slowly its barely lambent However there's still hope to conserve what we have.

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Soul Scribe Jul The Sun. The Sun, of fire and beauty Destruction and Life. Something so magnificent, You can't even look at it. My son, of fire and passion Life, until death. Something so magnificent, You can't look away.

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What is the true state of the environment. You have the politicians on the left telling you that there is undeniable evidence of global warming. Thousands of species become extinct every day because we are cutting down the rain forests. All around the earth, environmentalists are pointing out devastation. On the other hand those on the right would have us believe that the earth is perfectly fine. They say that all of the changes that the earth is going through are perfectly OK and that we have nothing to worry about.

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