Topic about education is better than money

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topic about education is better than money

Money Quotes (4709 quotes)

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Published 05.12.2018

Money or Education Which is More Important in our life? - Money 💰 vs Education - Learning Content

Education is better than wealth Essay

Monis Ali. Recently, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif launched an interest-free loan scheme to help the millions of poor citizens who have not obtained loans from the banks in days gone by in order to start small businesses. He said that Rs 50, would be offered to every citizen from this poor bracket without any discrimination and that almost , persons would get a loan in the first year, reaching a total of one million within just four years. What we have to understand is that today Pakistan needs to direct full focus towards free education. Owing to lack of attention to free education, the illiteracy rate is increasing at a worrisome pace. Almost

Is American Education getting worse or better? As an intelligent man who is good at writing stories, apparently, he did not impress his English teacher at Harvard with one of his essay.
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There is nothing better than education

This is a tricky question, but why? Education will get you a job, which will earn you money. However, money brings you the necessities of life: water, food and shelter. Personally, I think that education's more important than money. When we are young, we don't weed to worry about money, but about education and learning, because our parents buy everything for us. Schools will need to receive money to supply their pupils with essentials such as: stationery; technology; and books, but if they didn't have enough money, then these things couldn't be purchased. As well as this, parents would have to pay for their children to go to college with transportation - costing a lot of pounds.

Money diminishes on its use rather education spreads. Give a man a fish, feed him for an evening. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. Education is light. This is a trick question.

Education is better than money. This is so because without a good foundation with education, there would be no way to make good money. You need a good education to land a good paying job so you can pay bills and support your family. Without that education, there is practically no chance of securing a good job. I am in support of education rather than money Because here question is that which one is better both are useful but only one will be better. Education is the path on which you would walk to go from darkness to light. Money is also good but there are several facts that I am going to tell you Firstly you can take the reference of quotation of Hazrat Ali A.

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