Write five sentences about clown

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write five sentences about clown

Clown Quotes (75 quotes)

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Why are we so scared of clowns?

Depending on who you ask, clowns are either harmless fun or the stuff of nightmares. Now make like a clown car and stuff as many of these facts in your head as you can. Pantomime clowns—a. Joeys—get their clown makeup from him. Tap your feet to play "Hot Codlins," a tune Grimaldi was known for. In , there were reports of men dressing as clowns and harassing school children in Boston.

A clown is a kind of entertainer, or performance artist, who performs physical comedy and stunts to amuse others. They usually wear grease paint makeup that .
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Are you suited to be a clown?

A clown is someone who performs before an audience and uses comedy, slapstick and other types of physical humour to make people laugh. A clown is typically dressed in a colourful costume and distinctive makeup, and will wear outlandish wigs and exaggerated footwear. The clown's act largely depends on how big of an audience he or she is performing for, and if he or she works independently or with a theatre troupe, circus or other organization. If a clown performs for birthday parties, hospitals, senior's homes or schools, he or she may incorporate jokes and conversation into the act as well as some juggling, making balloon animals, miming, riding a unicycle and magic tricks. On the other hand, if the clown is performing for a large audience, say with a circus, the act may be done mostly in pantomime and as a ringmaster, and he or she will perform alongside animals, acrobats , jugglers and trapeze artists.

Clown Bluey Laughter is God's Sunshine. Over many years, Clown Bluey has collected poems, either written by Clowns, or written about clowns and circus by other entertainers and the general public. Bluey hoped to be able to one day have this small collection of poems published and any profits made from selling the book were to be donated to The Clowns Benevolent Fund, a registered Charity set up and run by Clowns International. Unfortunately however, Spike passed away before he was able to write his forward to the book, and with him, it seems, went the opportunity to have the poems published, as no publishers have shown any interest in doing so since his sad departure. Baggy trousers Nose, bright red, A silly hat Upon his head. Squirting flower Spinning tie, A teardrop falling From his eye.

Use clown in a sentence. An example of a clown is a person who dresses in brightly-colored, floppy clothes and oversized shoes to entertain children by doing silly tricks. An example of a clown is a person who never takes anything seriously. An example of clown is to throw pies at other people while wearing a funny costume and makeup. Sentences Sentence examples. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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