Why not to worry about the future

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why not to worry about the future

Worry Quotes (753 quotes)

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Published 06.12.2018

If You're Worried About The Future - WATCH THIS - by Jay Shetty

How to Stop Constant Worrying About the Future

But chronic and all-consuming worry can be troublesome and interfere with our ability to function freely and calmly in our daily lives. More importantly, problem worry can make recovery from panic disorder or agoraphobia more difficult. Worry itself serves no purpose unless it spurs a plan of action. If your mind has been taken over by chronic worry, your risk assessment skills may be distorted. Looking at your situation realistically may help you reduce your worry. Some people find it helpful to schedule 30 minutes each day just to worry.

What will I do in the second half of my life? I don't want to waste it. Right now I have no real vision. This was part of an email I received from a client asking me to help map out a clear path for his future. In my response, I shared my mindset on facing the unknown. What will that look like?

Thanks Ben for your contribution! These are some pretty important issues that you address. And personally, I found that another excellent strategy to avoid worrying is to proactively address the issues that you are confronted with. I am currently going under a stressful situation at the moment, and on top of that I worry a lot. It is every day and constantly. I feel exhausted.

I wish I would be able to surrender life completely, but I am not there yet. worry – all forms of fear – are caused by too much future, and not.
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Shifting Your Focus to Minimize Your Worry

I spent many years of my life trying to control different people and situations and worrying about the future. Like many people, I was afraid to be happy since I could lose it one day, and I was constantly letting my worries ruin my joy. I wish I would be able to surrender life completely, but I am not there yet. Today I have stopped defining myself as a control freak. Spending my time worrying is very frustrating, and drains both my time and my energy. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.



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