Questions about ghosts and spirits

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questions about ghosts and spirits

The All About Ghosts and the Paranormal quiz: 10 questions by Jessie Parsons

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Published 06.12.2018

The Science of Ghosts - Earth Lab

Ghosts and Spirits in Entertainment Trivia Questions & Answers:

Before you answer, take a look at what researchers have found as to why people believe in ghosts. And when it comes to inexplicable, mysterious happenings, the only logical explanation is often the presence of something supernatural. This is actually a common belief among many cultures and religions. This belief gives many people comfort when they lose a loved one or are faced with their own mortality. So for those who believe in the afterlife and previous ones , it only makes sense that there are spirits lingering around. In the same way people are drawn to scary movies and terrifying roller coasters, believing that there are spirits of the dead looming around is just plain thrilling. On the contrary, hunters believe ghosts are simply lost souls, searching for closure or are trapped and are trying to cross over to the afterlife.

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