What was peyton place about

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what was peyton place about

Peyton Place by Grace Metalious

First published in 1956, Peyton Place uncovers the passions, lies and cruelties that simmer beneath the surface of a postcard-perfect town. At the centre of the novel are three women, each with a secret to hide: Constance MacKenzie, the original desperate housewife; her daughter Allison, whose dreams are stifled by small-town small-mindedness; and Selena Cross, her gypsy-eyed friend from the wrong side of the tracks.
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The summer of had not been good to Grace Metalious. A nine-week drought had left tiny Gilmanton, New Hampshire, bone dry, including the well in the back of the ramshackle cottage she'd sarcastically nicknamed "It'll Do.
Grace Metalious

Peyton Place's Real Victim

Sign in. He is greeted at the station by teenager Rodney Harrington and his girlfriend, Betty Anderson, who drive him to the Rodney and Betty get into a serious fight, when Rod is interrupted by the information of Catherine's illness. Michael tells Leslie his wife will die if he won't operate now, but doctor Morton won't Norman learns that Rodney is after Allison. Leslie urges Rodney to forget what he saw last night. Rossi gets settled and meets Constance, whom he's sure that he knows, which worries her.

Each week in Bookends, two writers take on questions about the world of books. When I recently opened up a copy, I discovered that its 15th print run, issued a year after initial publication, was still dappled with typos, an indication of how fast and heedlessly s readers had needed to get to third base with this text. The book is as much about poverty as sex, its story driven by the economic disparity between the local gentry on Chestnut Street and the folks living in tar-paper shacks on the edges of town. The sex is often sad and desperate, forced or incomplete, approached with a Dreiserian naturalism rather than any simple effort to titillate. Sex, with a capital S-E-X. Compared with Jacqueline Susann, her s successor, she reads like Willa Cather.

Based upon the novel of the same name by Grace Metalious , the series was preceded by a film adaptation. A total of episodes were broadcast, in black-and-white from to and in color from to The first color episode is episode At the show's peak, ABC ran three new episodes a week. The program was produced by 20th Century Fox Television.

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Sign in. It's the pre-WWII era. Peyton Place is a small town in New England, whose leading adult citizens rule the town with their high moral standards, which they try to pass on to their offspring. The offspring begin to rebel in different ways, which is brought to public scrutiny with the arrival into town of an "outsider", the new young high school principal Michael Rossi, and through a murder trial. Beneath the town's placid god-fearing exterior lay any number of dark secrets involving sexual attraction and repression, illegitimacy, rape, gossip, intolerance, and class snobbery. No wonder Allison had moved to a quiet place like New York.

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