What is the thunder rolls about

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what is the thunder rolls about

The Thunder Rolls (Dawson Brothers, #8) by Ali Parker

She’s far too old for me, but age is just a number.

Crazy enough, I’ve loved her since I was a little boy.

But I’m not little anymore.

And she’s a widow now.

No way in hell I’m letting this chance go by now that I’m in her hometown.

I don’t give a damn what people say.

The biggest struggle is to get this beautiful woman to see me as more than a rowdy Dawson boy.

I’ve got more to offer her than any man she might find.

Prying my way into her life isn’t going to be easy, but it’ll be more than worth it.

My heart is already hers, time to add in my future, my money and my body.

Hope she’s willing to light up the night with me.

‘Cause there’s a storm rolling in.

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The Thunder Rolls

Remember Who First Recorded Garth Brooks’ ‘The Thunder Rolls’?

It was released in April as the fourth and final single from his album No Fences. The song became his sixth number one on the country chart. It was originally recorded by Tanya Tucker , but was never released until it appeared on her self-titled box set. Her version included a fourth verse which Brooks himself intended to use on his version but did not at the suggestion of producer Allen Reynolds. A modernized version was recorded [ when? Metalcore band All That Remains released a cover of the song on April 28, on their eight studio album, Madness.

This song is about a man who is cheating on his wife, and she suspects, but doesn't know for sure until this night. Even though it's raining, in the song, the thunder and the lightening represent the humiliation and rage building inside her. Whenever I hear this very deep and philosophical song, I think of the video -- a man played very brilliantly by Garth Brooks comes back home probably from having an affair, hence the lines "he's heading back from somewhere that he never should've been" and "on the wind and rain a strange new perfume blows" , and his wife confronts him about having cheated on her. They fight, and the wife gets a pistol and shoots her husband dead the long version, which Garth plays live, has a fourth verse. The fourth verse is as follows: She runs back down the hallway and through the bedroom door. She reaches for the pistol kept in the dresser drawer.

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That speaks to its power and timelessness, since the song has been out for nearly three decades. That speaks even further to just how impactful the song was, and continues to be. And the reason why? Because no one ever talks about it…. That idea sparked something in Alger, who grabbed his guitar and started to play a rolling rhythm. The two finished the song, and were pleased with how it turned out. But rather than keep the song for himself, Brooks wanted to pitch it to somebody else.

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