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books about witches for adults

Witches Book Lists

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Published 07.12.2018

Witchy Book Recommendations

14 Books Featuring Witches That Will Put A Spell On You . into the world of witches, this electrifying two-part young adult novel, released on.

25 Must-Read YA Books About Witches To Add Magic and Curses To Your Reading Life

When vampires slithered out of the literary spotlight and back to the darker crevices of the bookstore, apocalyptic fiction rushed in to fill the gap. While we loved watching Katniss and the gang claw their way to the top of the new world order we want to see what they could do with a stake , the death of the vampire trend left a supernatural-creature-shaped hole in our hearts. Lucky for us, a new breed of literary witches is on the rise. The Midnight Witch , by Paula Brackston. A beautiful young society woman in Edwardian London is thrust into a dangerous position after the sudden death of her father, the sixth Duke of Radnor.

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This empowering compendium will teach you how to connect with nature, understand the lunar cycles, and embrace tarot and astrology. Whether it is self-care or steering away from toxic energy, this book is for new witches who want to assert control over their lives. This little book is perfectly bag-sized for those moments when, like Sabrina, you want to whip out a spell or two and cast an enchantment over a mortal enemy. Packed with tips to bring a little magic into your everyday life, there are spells to calm you though difficult situations, potions and brews to lift the blues and even an extra special incantation that is said to add some magic to your love life. Take a unique and compelling tour through the dark history of witchcraft with this anthology that covers the real-life events of the witchcraft movement throughout Europe and America. It also includes a manual for witch hunters penned by King James and papers from the infamous Salem witch trials, documenting the realities of the legendary stories. These are the stories that conjured ideas of witches for a million childish imaginations, and have inspired generations of writers and artists since the Grimm brothers first collected them.

The witch has alway figured significantly in our lives, from our history classes to the popular culture we consume. Once upon a time, any woman who dared to think or act independently—and thus, "endanger" the patriarchy—was branded a witch, subjected to torture, and killed for her crimes. Luckily, things have changed, and we're no longer gathering in town squares to shout, "Burn the witch! Good or evil, "real" or fictional—they're always pretty badass. The ten witch books below draw from age-old lore to tell fantasy stories about human connection, embracing our uniqueness, and tapping into our own inherent power. From a fantasy that exposes the sexism of midcentury America to books inspired by African mythology, they put their own spin on the cauldron-stirring, broomstick-riding women that have held us spellbound for centuries. Sounds pretty great, right?

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