Best books about one sided love

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best books about one sided love

Popular One Sided Love For Long Books

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Popular One Side Love Books

Romance 68 Chapters 1M Views. Author: Littlebutterfly. Lindon Mo missed his chance to be with his firstlove. He was forced to marry Kresha Tang due to his dying grandfathers' request. Because he love his grandfather so much. He grandted his only wish before he die. But after fifteen years he still can't forget his firstlove.

Unrequited love. I know I certainly have. Everything I wrote was, too. And afterward, the universe was exactly the same, but infinitely more right. Some stranger appears out of nowhere and becomes a fixed star in your universe. It has endless potential. When I first started to fall for him, months before, my feelings gave me pleasure and hope.

The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and everywhere you look, someone is getting engaged or married, which can only mean one thing: spring is upon us, and summer's wedding season is right around the corner. If all of the general positivity and romantic mushiness of the season is getting to you, ground yourself with one of these heartbreaking books about love. No matter how many of your friends are meeting their soulmates or getting hitched this spring, these books will remind you, not every love story is all rainbows and butterflies. While it's true everyone likes a good story, it is also true that everyone's definition of a good story is different. Some people prefer tales where the heroes win, the lovers reunite, and everyone lives happily ever after in the end, while others would rather read about the darker side of life.

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The possibility that something as beautiful as love might not be returned had always seemed unfair to me. I'm no stranger to the perils of unrequited love — and is there anything more devastating than not having one's affection returned? If one positive thing can be said about not having your feelings answered, it's that it makes one heck of a compelling story, and it's not a new concept to literature. From Shakespeare to Victor Hugo, from J. Rowling to Louisa May Alcott, the mines of unrequited love seem exhaustible, and with good reason. We allow ourselves to dwell in the fantasy of the person without ever having to deal with the very worst of a reality with them. For those of us nursing the wounds that unrequited love can leave, I've compiled a list of 11 of the best books about the concept.

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So much of fiction is about desire, a yearning of some kind or another … the love of reading itself a sort of intense affair. My book is a comedy: Evan and his friends make me smile. But these amusements are underpinned by some serious thinking about love stories and the meaning of fiction in our lives, with the following titles topping my list of inspirational work on that subject. The Canzoniere by Petrarch For a start, I had Petrarch in mind, and his great love for the year-old Laura, who the poet glimpsed coming out of church in and spent the rest of his life thinking about in the sequence of poems he wrote for her. The Divine Comedy by Dante Dante follows hard on his heels, of course, and was writing before him — his Divine Comedy a kind of early novel, as I think of it, in three parts, that was inspired by a similar kind of experience. Dante never knew his Beatrice either, yet the idea of her propelled his great work about visiting Hell and Purgatory and Heaven, to be met there by her: another fantasy made true in words. The Arcadia by Sir Philip Sidney Medieval and early Renaissance literature is full of similar knights who woo their ladies with little or no expectation of love being returned.

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  1. Each time, we hope that the page might turn, and this time instead of a missed moment or a gaze or a goodbye, we will happen upon a kiss, or a reconciliation.

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