Knock knock jokes about cars

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knock knock jokes about cars

The Bishops Wife by Robert Nathan

Last week I was listening to OTR (Old time Radio), I heard the Lux Radio Theatre production of The Bishops Wife. (December 19, 1949) In this version it had only David Niven and other actors as Julia and the angel. I had forgotten about this Christmas setting book and decided I would read it now. I have seen Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven in the 1947 movie, and loved it! Before I go on, I also read in the section about the author, how Robert Nathan was a screenwriter for Louis B. Meyer besides being an author. That five of his novels were made into movies but he did not enjoy the experience in tinsel town. I wonder even though the movie is perfection, maybe they changed his book too much for his liking. There is quite a difference in the novel and the movie. I really loved the book which had so many thoughts on life and insights that were different and probably harder to portray in a movie especially during those Hollywood years. The movie has a visual pleasure to it and the book had more of a mental awakening to it. What is in common is that the Bishop looks to Heaven for an angel to help him and an angel comes and brings about changes. The relationships are different and so many other things. You will just have to read it to completely understand. Life on earth we must take and do the best with what we have, and hope for the best. In this Kindle edition there are about 20 typos that I reported but did not ruin my enjoyment and I was and always thankful for the opportunity to read electronically. Hopefully they will correct the errors for other readers.

Lux radio theatre December 12,1949

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