Series 7 and 63 exams

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series 7 and 63 exams

Series 7 Exam for Dummies by Steven M. Rice

Your no-nonsense guide to acing the Series 7 exam In order to become a stockbroker and sell securities, you must first pass the Series 7 exam--a 6-hour, 250-question monstrosity. Unlike many standardized tests, the Series 7 exam is harder than it seems, and people who score below 70% must retake the test, having to wait at least a month before retaking it and paying hefty registration fees. Luckily, theres Series 7 Exam For Dummies--the leading guide that not only shows you how to think like a financial advisor but also like the test designers. Rather than an all-encompassing, comprehensive textbook, this guide covers only whats on the test, offering formulas, tips, and basic info you need to study.

Packed with tips for answering questions and taking the test, Series 7 Exam For Dummies continues to be the trusted reference for anyone looking to ace the exam and start their career. The test has gone through its first major overhaul in more than a decade, so in addition to updates required to keep the book in line with the latest exam, this new edition provides two completely new practice tests. Plus, youll find easily navigable content review covering everything youll encounter on test day.

Presents straightforward information on complex concepts Covers every topic youll encounter on the exam Helps you understand difficult subject matter with confidence and ease Brimming with valuable information and know-how, this no-nonsense guide is your ticket to scoring high on the Series 7 exam.
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Series 6, 7, 65 & 66 - Equity and Debt Securities

The Series 63 is not required in some states. In addition, one must submit a set of fingerprints and undergo a basic background check. Typically to register with a firm and consequently the exams you have to complete a U-4 application.
Steven M. Rice

Seven tips for acing the Series 7 and other financial exams

The MS in Accounting through Accounting Syracuse is uniquely designed to prepare graduates to become CPAs and finance professionals skilled in financial analysis and consultation, as well as key aspects of corporate accounting and auditing. Capella's curriculum is designed to help you gain immediately applicable finance skills to address the challenges of today's business world. Syracuse University's top-ranked online MBA through the Whitman School of Management is designed to prepare students with the analytical and decision-making skills they need to advance their careers in today's business environment. Corporate Finance concentration available. FINRA is the self-regulating body for the financial industry, responsible for setting regulations and standards for financial professionals. The most popular examinations that financial professionals take will be covered here. This multiple-choice exam consists of multiple-choice questions and takes minutes to complete.

Without it, you can't sell securities. The bad news is you now have to take two tests. The good news is that the number of combined questions is actually smaller than the old Series 7. Finra simply extracted all the common material that covered basic industry knowledge and created a supplementary exam that people can take without being sponsored by a broker-dealer. The motivation was to eliminate the need for test-takers to demonstrate their understanding of the basics several times if they need multiple Finra licenses. The SIE is also being looked at as a resume sweetener for people who want to enter the investment industry. A common mistake made by test takers is memorizing answers rather than digesting the actual material, Marks said.

The Series 7 exam licenses the holder to sell all types of securities products except commodities and futures. Stockbrokers in the United States need to pass the Series 7 exam to obtain a license to trade. The Series 7 exam focuses on investment risk, taxation, equity, and debt instruments; packaged securities, options, retirement plans, and interactions with clients. The purpose of the Series 7 license is to set a level of competency for a registered representative or stockbroker to work in the securities industry. The Series 7 license is an essential requirement for an entry-level broker. The licensing exam covers an extensive range of financial terms and topics as well as securities regulations. Candidates who pass the Series 7 exam can trade many securities, such as stocks, mutual funds, options, municipal securities, and variable contracts.

Series 63 Exam – Uniform Securities Agent

Kaplan has study materials available for the SIE exam as well as the Series 7 exam. The exam may be required in addition to other exams.


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