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choosy bookworm read and review

Jennifer Theriots Blog - Featured on Choosy Bookworms Read & Review! - August 17, 2016 08:43

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Most of us have been there. I struggled with it for years ; hell, I only cracked the code in , after heading down the review rabbit hole hard. That being said, if you have no reviews, or are staring at two reviews with a 3.

Mini Guide: How to Get Legitimate Amazon Reviews for Your Books

You may or may not have heard of the website Choosy Bookworm. In the early days this well-ranked website had stricter rules about who could use their service with such mandates as number of reviews on Amazon and pricing of your eBook. While they will make one or two spots available with their Book Feature in their newsletter and on their website, there are often 10 submissions to pick from for each free spot available. Choosy Bookworm also offers a service to authors for reviews. Categories: Publicity. Tags: author publibity , book publicity , Choosy Bookworm , free book publicity , M.

It was only a few, since I wanted to make sure that the results I was getting were due to a specific promo and not an overlap. Filed under Self-publishing and marketing. Tagged as Amazon , author , Book , ebook , kindle , marketing , novel , promo , self-published , self-publishing , writer , writing. Like Liked by 2 people. Like Liked by 1 person. Hi, Ana. Thanks again for sharing the process.

Hello Author! GirlReadingKindle. Welcome to the Read & Review Program! Please Note: This page has moved to the Author's Blog!:o). Please go to the.
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Hi all, I've seen a couple of people post that Choosy Bookworm's read and review program is a good way to put authors in touch with reviewers. I'd love to hear from people who've used them and what their experiences were. KDP Select. Italiano Show menu. I'm not asking so much about getting positive reviews, obviously, of course, the book needs to be well-written and their program doesn't guarantee good reviews, just honest ones.

As authors, we all know book reviews are important for many reasons. There are many ways to go about getting reviews, and read-and-review programs are one of them. These programs are technically not the same as getting a paid review. A paid review means a reader or a publication is receiving payment specifically to review your book. A read-and-review program offers readers a free copy of your book in exchange for an honest review, and they require that the reviewer include a statement to that effect in the review they post.

Here are my eight tips for getting book reviews for your amazing book. It is a website where reviewers can sign up, and authors can list their books. Most books have a direct link to where it can you can purchase them. It is a supportive group of authors reviewing and buying books by other authors in the group. It may not be the prettiest website from a visual standpoint, but what it lacks in visual design it more than makes up for in the wholehearted support for participating self-publishers. They also have paid options for promoting your ebook to their readers. They will create an online Review Page for your book where they will post all four and five stars reviews.

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