Arsenic and old lace characters line count

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arsenic and old lace characters line count

Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring

Basic plot: two little old ladies while away their golden years by taking care of their nephew Teddy and actively pursuing their charity work. Never mind that Teddy thinks hes Teddy Roosevelt and their charity work consists of poisoning little old men.

This is one of the most wonderful bits of dark humor Ive ever read. Its laugh-out-loud funny (even when just reading it) and still manages to be creepy. Oh the irony, oh the death, oh the references to Boris Karloff...

I just got done reading this play again, after reading it with my technical theatre class in preparation for their final project. I am once again struck by how well the tale was crafted. The story is still funny to me, even after multiple readings. The inside jokes within the play for theatre people (Mortimer has some great lines, as hes supposed to be a theatre critic) are hysterical. In this 21st century world, we dont tend to think of how sassy people used to be in the 1930s and 1940s. We forget that the people of that time were human beings, with needs/wants and senses of humor, justice, or the macabre. This play reminds us that our grandparents were young once, too, and were people we actually CAN relate to.
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Arsenic and Old Lace

Josephine Hull: Abby Brewster

Brophy is a good secondary part, with more lines in the last act. He can be a funny role, if you let go and have fun with it. I played him a few years ago in NYC as a dorky loser type. Arsenic and Old Lace is the play you are looking for. Joe - Lakeland Florida. Arsenic is used in rat poison and is in the title "Arsenic and Old Lace. The script adaptation was by Julius J.

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Back to IMSDb. The web's largest movie script resource! Search IMSDb. Epstein Adapted from the play by Joseph Kesselring CREDITS Credits roll, in white letters, on several funny cartoons, all of them about witches and witchcraft a caldron over a fire, with two witches on either side of it - A close-up of one of the witches - A witches falling down from the sky on her broomstick, and loosing her hat in the fall - A furious black cat spitting at an owl seated on a branch - A carafe with two glasses, actually a direct reference to the film - An Halloween pumpkin pressing her two forefingers in its ears, with music notes around it - Black bats flying over a village. Written in white letters on this overview, the following words : This is a Hallowe'en tale of Brooklyn, where anything can happen-- and it usually does.

Arsenic and Old Lace plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips.
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Sign in. Mortimer Brewster : Look I probably should have told you this before but you see

Abby Brewster has approximetly lines in the play. This answer does not count each individual sentence within Abby's lines, nor does it include any blocking. Joe - Lakeland Florida. Mortimer Brewster was the protagonist of the play. In the film, 'Arsenic and Old Lace,' Theodore Brewster, who is mentally ill and believes he is Theodore Roosevelt, repeatedly blows a trumpet and yells, 'Charge! Arsenic and Old Lace is the play you are looking for.

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