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her interactive hints and tips

What to Expect When You Use the Potty by Heidi Murkoff

This cheerful and matter-of-fact book for preschoolers and their parents serves as an encouraging introduction to the mystery of potty-training. A comforting letter to parents sets the tone for the book. A friendly dog acts as a guide and narrator, offering hints, tips, and activities. The question and answer format is practical and effective. Much of the content will go over the head of two-year olds, but there are other ways than simply reading the text to share this book and generate of discussion of toilet training.

The illustrations are multicultural and non-threatening. The bright colors and fluffy dog have immense appeal, and the childlike font is a well-planned design element.

The book doesnt address the fears of flushing, and a bibliography for parents who need more how-to information should have been provided. Not quite as effective as Once Upon a Potty, but could be used in conjunction with the classic.
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Heidi Murkoff

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