Language and politics in india essay

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language and politics in india essay

He Chose the Nails: What God Did to Win Your Heart by Max Lucado

Before reading this book, all I know is that Jesus died on the cross for me to be saved. Thats it. I took it for granted and never appreciated it. I just cannot understand how other people can truly understand the meaning of the cross and how it changed and still changing their lives. But after reading this book, now I understand what the cross truly means. It is a gift. And who am I that God gave His only Son for me to experience freedom, His love and His mercy. Reading this book allowed me to see the little things that I dont see before, allowed me to stop and just feel Gods love for me and you. It is just amazing. This book is an eye-opener.
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Students and Politics

Here's a look at the small database of keywords in Indian democracy that cascade down the tongues of all. So you know India goes to the polls next week, and you also know that no election in history has involved the political will of such a large amount of people about million voters.
Max Lucado

Problem Created by Language in Indian Politics

No nation surpasses it in sheer multiplicity of languages. It has therefore not one language problem but a complex of language problems. Language can be a powerful unifying as well as divisive force. It can bind and unite and promote brother-hood. It can also separate and divide and hatred. We have had many bitter experiences in the past. The misplaced zeal to impose the use of Hindi or particular state language as a medium of instruction on those whose mother tongue is different has in variably proved to be counterproductive.

Democracy in India, even if it had historical roots in the ancient past, is a new development and possibly a radical experiment in a caste-ridden society characterised by graded hierarchies. There have been numerous challenges to Indian democracy, and its contemporary phase is fraught with even bigger obstacles. The functioning of democracy and its failures are once again the subject of public as well as scholarly debates. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of response. The first takes either an all-India perspective or examines the trajectories of Indian democracy through its various provinces.

Language and Politics in India Maya Dodd Contributions to Indian Sociology essays on the subject, given that language questions continue to represent.
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For the speakers of the country's myriad tongues to function within a single administrative unit requires some medium of common communication. The choice of this tongue, known in India as the "link" language, has been a point of significant controversy since independence. Central government policy on the question has been necessarily equivocal. The vested interests proposing a number of language policies have made a decisive resolution of the "language question" all but impossible. The central issue in the link-language controversy has been and remains whether Hindi should replace English. Proponents of Hindi as the link language assert that English is a foreign tongue left over from the British Raj. English is used fluently only by a small, privileged segment of the population; the role of English in public life and governmental affairs constitutes an effective bar to social mobility and further democratization.



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