Intercultural marriage promises and pitfalls

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intercultural marriage promises and pitfalls

Intercultural Marriage: Promises & Pitfalls by Dugan Romano

There really is very little in terms of a self-help book on this subject, so there is really little choice but this one book. Overall - its interesting, but not very practical or helpful in terms of advice. The author primarily takes us through anecdotal notes based on a number of couples shes claimed to work with.

But the anecdotes are just that - you dont really get to know who the couples are, what they are about, what their circumstances were, whether they divorced or stayed together happily. Though the book is in its third edition, it doesnt seem as if the anecdotes have really been updated, and the sources cited to remain quite dated.

I think what was the most useful thing about the book was getting an idea of oh, my situation isnt THAT bad, and also the summary of issues towards the end. Its worth a look if you find yourself contemplating cultural barriers in a relationship, but dont expect any Answers.
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Intercultural Marriage (Part 2 )

Intercultural Marriage: Promises & Pitfalls

Mixed marriages are a delicate subject. This is one explanation for the mounting divorce figures in so many countries. There are two basic stages in such a relationship, Romano argues. Later, as the marriage begins to settle down, problems may begin to emerge. The major variable here — that social studies tone is infectious, sorry — is location.

Intercultural Marriage, Promises And Pitfalls: a new book about mixed marriages

The impact of cultural differences upon the "game" of marriage is examined and practical guidelines on how to deal with the complexities and problems involved are offered in this text. The work also analyzes the motives of those who marry across cultures and identifies 18 trouble-spots from everyday basics like food, finances, sex and politics to social aspects such as male-female roles, class, religion and bringing up children. Dugan Romano has been a cross-cultural trainer and counselor for fifteen years. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Intercultural Pr,

If your an in an intercultural relationship or international marriage this book is for you. If your not aware Intercultural Marriage : Promises and Pitfalls. Dugan Romano. Today we live in a world without borders, a global village. Distance no longer defines who we meet, fall in love with or marry. The Internet and e-mail connect people around the world in seconds.

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