A devil and tom walker

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a devil and tom walker

The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving

Kids, dont be greedy or you might end up in one of Irvings story.

I actually loved this one. I loved the characters and how they were presented. It didnt take pages for me to know them but I actually got a good idea of who they are, well done Irving. The story is basically about this greedy man who doesnt like his life and decides to sell his soul to the devil. I loved his relationship with his wife and the foreshadowing presented in the story. I didnt see the ending coming, which I liked very much too. Overall, very interesting and I would absolutely recommend it.
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The Devil and Tom Walker

A few miles from Boston, in Massachusetts, there is a deep inlet winding several miles into the interior of the country from Charles Bay, and terminating in a thickly wooded swamp or morass. On one side of this inlet is a beautiful dark grove; on the opposite side the land rises abruptly from the water's edge into a high ridge, on which grow a few scattered oaks of great age and immense size. Under one of these gigantic trees, according to old stories, there was a great amount of treasure buried by Kidd the pirate. The inlet allowed a facility to bring the money in a boat secretly, and at night, to the very foot of the hill; the elevation of the place permitted a good lookout to be kept that no one was at hand; while the remarkable trees formed good landmarks by which the place might easily be found again. The old stories add, moreover, that the devil presided at the hiding of the money, and took it under his guardianship; but this, it is well known, he always does with buried treasure, particularly when it has been ill-gotten.

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Washington Irving, one of early America's greatest storytellers, was the author of such beloved works as " Rip van Winkle " and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow " Another of his short stories, "The Devil and Tom Walker," is not as well known, but it is definitely worth seeking out. Irving's piece is a relatively early entry into the many literary works considered Faustian tales — stories depicting greed, a thirst for instant gratification, and, ultimately, a deal with the devil as the means to such selfish ends. It is perhaps unsurprising that, given its dark subject, "The Devil and Tom Walker" sparked a fair amount of controversy, particularly among the religious population. Still, many consider it one of Irving's finest stories and an exemplary piece of narrative writing. In fact, Irving's piece triggered a rebirth of sorts for the Faustian tale.

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He tells us that, years ago, a few miles from Boston, Massachusetts, Kidd the Pirate buried a great amount of treasure. He made a deal with the devil to protect the treasure, but was never able to return to it, as he was captured and taken to England to be hanged as a pirate. Much later, in the year , a miserly man named Tom Walker lives near the area with his wife , who is equally as money-crazed. They are not popular with their neighbors, as they often fight. After spending the day in a distant part of the neighborhood, Tom Walker takes a shortcut back home through a swamp. He reaches an abandoned Indian fort, and after kicking a nearby skull left over from the Indian wars with colonists, angers a tall man covered in soot who had apparently been watching him. Tom realizes that this is the man commonly called Old Scratch , and after a long conversation on the way home, Old Scratch announces that he has taken a liking to Tom and will allow him to acquire Kidd the Pirate's treasure on certain conditions.

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