Think and grow rich seminar south africa

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think and grow rich seminar south africa

Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice by Dennis Kimbro

An inspiring an powerful success guide.
Author and entrepreneur Dennis Kimbro combines bestseeling author Napolean Hillls law of success with his own vast knowledge of business, contemporary affairs, and the vibrant culture of Black America to teach you the secrets to success used by scores of black Americans, including: Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, Dr. Selma Burke, Oprah Winfrey, and many others. The result is inspiring, practical, clearly written, and totally workable. Use it to unlock the treasure you have always dreamed of--the treasure that at last is within your reach.
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The Secret to Think and Grow Rich Revealed - Bob Proctor

What do you want most in life?

What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? In fact, the rentals I am achieving today on two properties in an upmarket gated estate in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, are less than I earned on them five years ago. Capital values have also not moved an inch while levies, rates, taxes and upkeep have been rising at almost double the inflation rate. I have tried selling them on and off over the past several years, but have not had even a nibble of interest. There simply are no buyers.

Wealth Alliance, an organisation that empowers individuals to change their perspective on traditional wealth creation, offer property investment seminars, masterclasses and mentorship programs. These programs are carefully designed to assist entrants in the property sector, and therefore cover key aspects of the property market:. As an entrepreneur who has boldly entered the property market and reaped the rewards, Sylvia now actively shares her learnings and provides people with practical tips and advice. Moreover, declining house prices are not necessarily so negative - as it allows first-time homebuyers to enter the housing market at cheaper prices. They can then benefit from the uptick when it comes.

“If you are ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it.
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They plan on doing this by holding free seminars. These people are so generous that they want nothing in return. All they ask is to be given the opportunity to explain to us how to turn our miserable lives around and become massively successful in no time at all. I had no idea there were such good people in the world today. Or more likely, given the state of my bank account, not thinking at all. Thanks to a shameless feeding frenzy sparked by predatory foreign buyers and fuelled by rapacious estate agents, everyone in the last staging post for white people has already made millions through property. In fact, he only ever made money from writing books on how to make money.

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  1. Think and Grow Rich Join us at our free seminar. . investment strategies in South Africa; The right system that will help you build your property wealth.

  2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has helped transform millions of lives, turning budding entrepreneurs around the world into focused business achievers.

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