Muscle and strength store review

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muscle and strength store review

The Muscle & Strength Pyramid - Training by Eric Helms

There is a lot of nonsense out there surrounding training for both bodybuilders and strength athletes. Half-baked ideas based on cherry-picked scientific data that fail to take into account the big picture. We’ve cut through all that with this book.

Crystal-clear clarity on the order of things that count
We’ve broken down the factors that go into making strength and hypertrophy-focused training programs into a clear order of importance.

A full, detailed and unbiased look into the research...
…to draw conclusions about the best methods for bodybuilders, strength athletes, and clear explanations of the overlapping elements. Learn why certain misconceptions pervade the training world, and never be fooled by another cleverly-written magazine article again.

Highly detailed example training programs
Building on all the theory and recommendations in the book, in the last section we have six programs for novice, intermediate and advanced-level bodybuilders and strength-focussed athletes. You can simply pick one and run it as they have been written, but the idea is that you tailor them using the principles you’ve learned in the rest of the book. Full progression examples included also.
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