Difference between graveyard and cemetery

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difference between graveyard and cemetery

Quote by Rudy Francisco: “The difference between a garden and a graveyard...”

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Published 17.12.2018

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A cemetery or graveyard is a place where the remains of dead people are buried or otherwise interred. The intact or cremated remains of people may be interred in a grave, commonly referred to as burial , or in a tomb , an "above-ground grave" resembling a sarcophagus , a mausoleum , columbarium , niche, or other edifice. In Western cultures , funeral ceremonies are often observed in cemeteries.

Difference Between Cemetery and Graveyard

Though these two words are used interchangeably to refer to a place where people are buried, there is a subtle difference in meaning between the two. In the old days, people were buried close to the church; the nobles and the rich, in fact, were sometimes buried in crypts beneath the church. It was seen as a person's final resting place; unlike a graveyard, a cemetery does not adjoin a church. People are buried in graveyards; in a cemetery, it is possible to bury an individual's ashes as well. If someone has a skeleton in his cupboard, he has an embarassing or a dark secret which he hopes will remain hidden; he doesn't want anyone to find out what it is. There are several explanations as to the origin of this idiom.

Graveyards and cemeteries, at first, may seem to be one and the same thing. Well, this comes as no surprise as people nowadays have come to use both interchangeably. Some online dictionaries even define the two with almost similar definitions. A graveyard has been defined as the ground where the dead are buried, in short — a cemetery. Similarly, a cemetery has been defined as a burial ground — a graveyard. Well, there has to be a reason for this. It is because a cemetery and a graveyard are two different burial places for the dead humans.

Hello all you lovely people! As a self-proclaimed Cemetery Enthusiast, I get asked a lot of questions on the topic. So finally I decided to do the research and share the results with all you inquiring minds. According to various historical sources the word Cemetery was first used back in Roman times. It refers to a large burial ground not associated with any church. Graveyards are typically smaller than cemeteries.

Some people think graveyard and cemetery mean the same, but a graveyard is a type of cemetery, and a cemetery is usually not a graveyard. Although the words graveyard and cemetery are often used in the same context in everyday speech, there is a subtle difference between the two terms.
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  1. Some people think graveyard and cemetery mean the same, but, if we want to be a little nitpicky, we should say that graveyard is a type of cemetery, but a.

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