List of kings and queens of scotland

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list of kings and queens of scotland

The Kings and Queens of Scotland by Timothy Venning

A complete history of the Scottish rulers, from the heads of its early constituent states and the first King of Scots Kenneth MacAlpin, to Queen Anne and the union with England Interest in Scottish kings and queens currently piqued by discussions over Scottish independence and the approaching 700th anniversary of the Battle of BannockburnThe kingdom of Scots was the last of the non-Anglo-Saxon states of Britain to survive as a political entity. Alone of the Celtic nations, it was not absorbed into England by conquest. James VI of Scotland came to the throne of England in 1603, and when union with England finally came in 1707 during the reign of Queen Anne, it was technically on equal terms. This success owed much to the abilities and tenacity of a succession of rulers, from the time that the multiplicity of states was merged into one kingdom. The story of the rulers of Scotland s constituent states and then of the united kingdom of Scots from Kenneth MacAlpin onwards is complex and often violent. It is full of rapid reversals of fortune, brilliant and incompetent leadership, family strife, and triumph and tragedy closely intertwined. The obscure earlier history is often as fascinating as the better-known stories of the Bruce and Queen Mary though less familiar. This saga of a thousand years bears tribute to the qualities of Scotland s rulers.
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Mary Queen of Scots: The Red Queen

Scottish Kings and Queens

Attempted to expand his kingdom southwards with a notable victory at the Battle of Carham, Northumbria in He was driven north again in by King Cnut. Invaded northern England and besieged Durham in Acquired the throne after defeating Duncan I in battle following years of family feuding. He was the first Scottish king to make a pilgrimage to Rome. A generous patron of the church it is thought he was buried at Iona, the traditional resting place of the kings of the Scots.

Heather Y Wheeler. Kings and Queens of Scotland — Present Day. Share this timeline Facebook. Was killed in the Battle of Lumphanan. Ingibiorg of Halland 2.


The History of the Kings and Queens of England - Full History Documentary (Medieval Monarchy)

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  1. Scotland , now part of the United Kingdom , was ruled for hundreds of years by various monarchs.

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