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start over and speak differently

Start Over Quotes (38 quotes)

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Published 18.12.2018

The Best Of Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

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Foreign accent syndrome

What language do they think in? Can they switch mid-way through? Do they dream in one language or both? Linguists Professor Panos Athanasopoulos and Professor Emanuel Bylund explained that bilinguals often go back and forth between their languages consciously and unconsciously. Additionally, different languages often refer to time differently.

Foreign accent syndrome is a medical condition in which patients develop speech patterns that are perceived as a foreign accent [1] that is different from their native accent, without having acquired it in the perceived accent's place of origin. Foreign accent syndrome usually results from a stroke , [1] but can also develop from head trauma, [1] migraines [2] or developmental problems. Its symptoms result from distorted articulatory planning and coordination processes and although popular news articles commonly attempt to identify the closest regional accent, speakers suffering from foreign accent syndrome acquire neither a specific foreign accent nor any additional fluency in a foreign language. Despite an unconfirmed news report in that a Croatian speaker had gained the ability to speak fluent German after emergence from a coma , [5] there has been no verified case where a patient's foreign language skills have improved after a brain injury. To the untrained ear, those with the syndrome sound as though they speak their native languages with a foreign accent ; for example, an American native speaker of English might sound as though he spoke with a south-eastern English accent, or a native English speaker from Britain might speak with a New York American accent. The perception of a foreign accent is likely to be a case of pareidolia on the part of the listener.

The sitcom shot all six episodes of its first season back-to-back, which meant it had to do the usual post-pilot tooling with no feedback from the public. But are they really that bad? In some ways, Parks has been dealing with the legacy of its first season for its entire life. The pilot remains the highest rated Parks episode ever. Early reviews of Parks dinged the show for making Leslie Knope too similar to Michael Scott, a criticism that seems odd in retrospect.

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