Rock and roll girl names

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rock and roll girl names

Shes A Rebel: The History of Women in Rock & Roll by Gillian G. Gaar

Gillian G. Gaar’s critically acclaimed, breakthrough book, the first full history of women in rock and pop ever written, became an instant classic upon its publication in 1992. Arranged chronologically and told with impassioned detail, She’s A Rebel charts a half century of women performers from the early R and B singers of the 1950s, to the girl groups, Motown acts, folksingers, and rock chicks of the 1960s, to the punk rebels and pop divas of the 1970s, to the brash all-girl bands, rappers, and riot grrls of the 1980s and 1990s. This expanded ten-year anniversary edition features over 75 photos and includes three all-new chapters on all the major artists of the last decade as well as an insider’s look at the music industry and the emerging power of women rock stars. With new preface by Yoko Ono and dozens of new profiles and interviews with performers—such as Courtney Love, L7, Bikini Kill, the Breeders, Sarah McLachlan, Ani di Franco, Sheryl Crow, Sleater Kinney, Alanis Morrisette, Lucinda Williams, Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child, Lauryn Hill, Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado, Bjork, and many others— this book captures the amazing explosion of women’s voices and talent in the music world. “[She’s A Rebel] is as thoroughly entertaining as it is researched ... It’s exhaustive and exhilarating.”—Billboard
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Mötley Crüe - All In The Name of w/ Lyrics

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Gillian G. Gaar

50 Baby Names Inspired By Rock ‘n Roll

It can be easily argued that there is nothing rock and roll about becoming a parent. Instead of fighting the establishment, you become part of it. Although namesakes have often been based on family tradition, and paying tribute to a notable person who has meant a lot to you. Music is an inspiration, so why not use rock and roll as your personal muse when naming that budding, "Sweet Child O' Mine" music aficionado? Here are nine names to be used for bass slapping boys or sick guitar licking little ladies, inspired by rock and roll. Bono named Paul David Hewson is an Irish born singer, songwriter, and philanthropist and the lead singer of the band U2.

Some names just sizzle with star power. Named After The Greats Rock star baby names are rising up the baby name charts and not just in celebrity land! All of these names are inspired by the first and surnames of some of our favourite musicians that helped define classic rock. From Angus to Ziggy, here are our top picks for boys, girls and gender bending names that combine the music of our past with the edginess of today. Names inspired by guitars, bands and even songs may be more your style. Here are a few more to keep on your radar.

When your name is crooned by Eric Clapton, it takes on a whole new level of cool. Today, Layla rests at an unquestionably popular Number 37, and is sure to climb even higher, given all its attractive characteristics. While that list does tend to favor the girls, who tend to be more popular subjects of love songs than men, if one looks past the songs and toward the artists themselves, a whole treasure trove of possibilities can be found, and not all of them as far out as one would think. The Beatles, in particular, seem to have had their finger on the baby naming pulse! Athena Athena , The Who. Caroline Sweet Caroline , Neil Diamond.

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The Beat - Rock 'n' Roll Girl (USA 1979)

Choosing a baby name is a huge deal. You also need a name with meaning, like one inspired by a lyrical poet or someone who could wield a six-string like few in history. Joan Jett : How cute would the name Jett sound for a boy? Fiona Apple : Relive your own angsty teen years and pay homage to the only voice that could possibly understand what was going on inside that strange body of yours. Gwen Stefani : She might not be a holla back girl, but she is a girl that anyone would be proud to share a name with.

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